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Cristian Andersson

In 2017 I received a commission from the Fox Valley Symphony Orchestra (the first of two) to create a painting for a series of works to commemorate the 50th anniversary of their organization. I chose a piece by Mendelssohn, the same piece that was then performed by Itzhak Perlman on opening night, as the inspiration for the work. It was an exercise in visualizing sound in the form of color, shape, and line.

That has developed into a line of abstract paintings based off of contemporary classical compositions. It is beyond the general feeling of the music that dictates a finished piece. The characteristic sounds of how a musician plays an instrument, a visualization of how these instruments are sonically placed in a concert hall, as well as thematic elements that the composers are working with all come into play in a finished painting.

For Made to Order
I am willing to discuss specific music that the painting will be developed from with the individual commissioning the work.

Price and Size Range

Works on canvas (framed)

16 x 20 in. – $500
24 x 36 in. – $1,200
36 x 48 in. – $2,000
48 x 60 in. – $4,500


Cristian Andersson at the Trout Museum of Art | Past Exhibitions 2020