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Cheryl Mocadlo

Cheryl Mocadlo is a lifelong resident of Wisconsin who currently lives in Appleton. Her paintings have been exhibited throughout Wisconsin in various art shows, galleries and fundraising events.

I paint to celebrate nature’s beauty around us, hence my partiality to landscapes and organics.  Often mistaken for oils, my paintings are known for their visual aesthetic – life-like imagery and rich color palette. Throughout all are a consistent eye for detail and realism.  I enjoy taking advantage of the opaque and translucent nature of acrylics. By layering pigments with varying levels of opacity and a range of application techniques, I achieve a depth of color that creates interest and movement.  For me, the most exciting part of painting a canvas is the moment when it comes to life – no longer a two-dimensional image, but a destination to walk into or an object to reach out and hold in my hand.

I typically work with reference materials to guide composition.  With commissioned pieces, this allows me to create a customized scene of a favorite place or a customized palette that complements a client’s room décor.

Size and Price Range 

Prices range from $500 – $2,500 depending on size.
Acrylic on canvas (H x W, unframed):

11in x 14in
10in x 20in
20in x 20in
16in x 20in
24in x 24in
24in x 36in