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Amanda Kabat

My work often drifts with natural movement and the innate leading of color or absence of color.  Different mediums allow me to express diverse ideas or feelings.  I don’t want all the responsibility for the interpretation of my work and like when others are drawn and make their own interpretations or connections.   I have interest in nature, wildflowers and edible or medicinal plants that are often incorporated into my work.  Other themes I have made work about are Christian female themes such as eve and the apple.   Most of my current work is geared towards pottery for helping and or donating to local anti-trafficking organizations or local refugees.  I enjoy working larger but it all depends on the project.   I’m open to working in painting, mixed media or ceramic sculpture and look forward to collaborating on new ideas.  

Size and Price Range

I work in multiple disciplines so I can work smaller 3in x 3in paintings or larger 4ft x 5ft. I also love sculptural ceramic or cement work.  I make smaller bowls/saucers and mugs, but also enjoy sculptural ceramics so around 2′ tall.  It all depends on the project.

Pricing depends on if it is a painting or sculptural piece.
3”x3” paintings – $40
Large paintings – $900-$1800