Made to Order Commission Exhibition

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The Trout Museum of Art, with co-hosts Bergstrom Automotive and Community First Credit Union, are proud to return with Made to Order.

Support local artists and your local museum by commissioning a work of art. Works start at as little as $100. TMA’s goal is to raise $75,000 or more—half of which goes straight into the hands of artists, the other half supports TMA programming.

Made to Order will result in an exhibition of the original works, a virtual exhibition, and an opening reception and fundraiser on Friday, August 27, 2021 to unveil the finished pieces.

If you’re interested in commissioning a work, scroll to browse 35 talented artists and fill out an interest form. If you don’t see exactly what you want, ask TMA a question or fill out the interest form anyway and tell us what you’re looking for. We’ll help find the right artist for you.

Made to Order Interest Form

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TICKETS: Made to Order Opening Night Friday, August 27.

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Works Commissioned During Made to Order 2020! Get Inspired.

I’m interested in commissioning a Made to Order artwork. What’s next?

1. Browse for the right artist(s) for you below.
2. What can inspire your art piece? Family, decor, travel, favorite colors or places…
3. Choose your budget. Each artist has pricing on their pages.
4. Fill out a Made to Order interest form.
5. TMA staff will coordinate an artist connection and details. If you don’t know all the details yet, that’s okay!
6. Payment to TMA: 50% down payment and 50% when the project is completed.
7. Artist creates your masterpiece.
8. Your artwork will be on exhibit Aug 27 to Nov 7, 2021.
9. Attend the Made to Order opening reception and fundraiser.
10. Take your one-of-a-kind artwork home following the exhibition!

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Ready to commission an artwork?

You can commission an original work through April 31. Check out all our artists and fill out an interest form. Questions before you commit? Ask TMA.

2021 Artists

Lydia Andersen

See Lydia's Work

Willow Bayer

See Willow's Work

Jesse Bell

See Jesse's Work

Kendra Bulgrin

See Kendra's Work

Ginnie Cappaert

See Ginnie's Work

Amy Carani

See Amy's Work

Angelica Contreras

See Angelica's Work

Ryan Eick

See Ryan's Work

Nathan Hatch

See Nathan's Work

Karen Hertz-Sumnicht

See Karen's Work

Patt Huss

See Patt's Work

Julie Jilek

See Julie's Work

Nikki Johnson

See Nikki's Work

Amanda Kabat

See Amanda's Work

Lisa Kalscheur

See Lisa's Work

Ryan Klassa

See Ryan's Work

Daniel Klewer

See Daniel's Work

Mel Kolstad

See Mel's Work

Leif Larson

See Leif's Work

Liz Maltman

See Liz's Work

Lisa Mathewson

See Lisa's Work

Irineo and Valerie Medina

See Irineo and Valerie's Work

Cheryl Mocadlo

See Cheryl's Work

Lee Mothes

See Lee's Work

Sonja Oldenburg

See Sonja's Work

Rosy Petri

See Rosy's Work

Kristopher Pollard

See Kristopher's Work

Mia Russell

See Mia's Work

Laura Schneider

See Laura's Work

Phil Sealy

See Phil's Work

EJ Solie

See EJ's Work

Katherine Steichen Rosing

See Katherine's Work

Catherine Williams

See Catherine's Work

Kathryn Wedge

See Kathryn's Work

Mike Vanevenhoven

See Mike's Work

Jeff Zdrale

See Jeff's Work

Need to make a Made to Order payment?

Click the link below and enter in the amount indicated in your contract. In the comment field, please indicate your name and the name of your artist.

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