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The Trout Museum of Art returns with Made to Order 3, an exhibit connecting collectors with Wisconsin artists to create one-of-a-kind, customized works of art. In 2021, we commissioned over $80,000 worth of art. Our 2023 goal for commissions is $100,000. 50% goes to artists and 50% to the museum. Join the Trout Museum of Art as a sponsor of the Made to Order

This fall, artists are signing up with TMA to be ready for a January 1 commission launch. Commissioning artwork is a collaborative experience between the artist and buyer. Artists create works in their style based on what they and the buyer discuss. Artists put their vision, creativity, craftsmanship into each piece. The buyer enjoys a front-row seat to watch their artwork come alive. The work is then exhibited at the museum.

Proceeds from the exhibition will directly benefit artists and TMA programming by providing funding for our exhibitions, educational programs, and community engagement events.

Below you will find areas of sponsorship for Made to Order. All sponsors will receive a range of benefits and will automatically become part of the Curator’s Circle with a year of events and programming.

Connect with Christina Turner, Trout Museum of Art President, at cturner@troutmuseum.org to organize your sponsorship.

Please join Co-Hosts Bergstrom Automotive and Community First Credit Union as Made to Order sponsors.

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Made to Order 3 – Events

$25 per person
Fri, Aug 25 | 6 – 10pm
Fabulous food by Heirloom Kitchen, music in Houdini Plaza, fun art activities, and fantastic art commissions on exhibit!

Sat, Nov 4 | 5 – 8pm
An incredible live drawing event where local artists work side by side turning sketches into artworks for sale. Students join in the fun too with their own drawings!


Collector’s Conversation
Sat, Jan 7 | 1pm
Learn about buying art and becoming a collector with John Brogan and Beth Lipman, and sign up to commission art.

Commissioner’s Salon 1
Van Daalwyk & Morales Home
Wed, Feb 1 | 7 – 9pm

Join us for drinks and appetizers, learn about artists, and sign up to commission a work of art.

Commissioner’s Salon 2
King Loft
Tues, Mar 14 | 7 – 9pm

Join us for drinks and appetizers, learn about artists, and sign up to commission a work of art.



Fund the Misson Match Sponsor
(1 Avail.)

Food Sponsor
(2 Avail.)

& Decor Sponsor
(2 Avail.)

Signature Drink Sponsor
(1 Avail.)

Welcome Champagne Sponsor
(1 Avail.)

Artist Invitation Sponsor
(2 Avail.)

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Event Tickets 12 Event
6 Event
4 Event Tickets 4 Event
4 Event
4 Event
4 Event
Artwork Commission $5,000 Commission $2,000 Commission $500 Commission $500 Commission $500 Commission $500 Commission $500 Commission
Year-Long Induction into
TMA’s Curator’s Circle
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