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Made to Order Virtual Exhibition

Created by Lisa Mathewson
Commissioned by Maria Totzke

Lisa Mathewson

Lisa Mathewson always wants her work to be beautiful; it should evoke happiness and a sense of calm or serve as a reminder of life’s goodness. Our lives are not perfect, so she never strives to create the perfect painting. She strives to create a perfectly imperfect balance of colors, shapes and lines with and unexpected twist that marries the elements to produce a snapshot of life. Lisa uses a variety of paints and mark-making tools such as oil sticks, graphite, and charcoal pencils to produce delicate, emotive, and subtle pieces of art. Her works essentially become a living journal of my life, with each creation serving as a chapter to document her inspiration, feelings, and daily musings. Lisa draws heavy influence from nature’s delicate hand. She often looks internally to her emotional reaction to life’s changes and uses those directions as a guide for influencing her work. Creating fluid and sketchy brush strokes, coupled with the spontaneity of emotional mark-making, produce a beautiful silhouette of a moment in time.