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Nikki Johnson

Artist’s Statement

Nikki Johnson grew up on the diverse east side of Milwaukee, WI, and she currently works out of her home studio located in Appleton, WI. Her urban Wisconsin girl perspective shows up in both topic and perspective, providing an unexpected lens through which she shares the people and objects in her art. Her paintings begin with music as their foundation, inspired by song lyrics that have held meaning for her throughout her life. These visual portrayals of audio rhythms are surreal and bold, using monochromatic color blocks to bring sound into a visual perspective through the use of acrylic paints and pre-stretched canvas or wood panel.

Artist Statement: Creating art is a cathartic experience. I paint what I feel or what I observe others are feeling. My use of culturally diverse imagery, geometric shapes and bright bold colors helps me express myself in a way that is very different from my everyday life. The best part of the process is hearing others share the imagery the finished piece evokes in them. It brings about a unique connection with the viewer that I can continue to carry with me throughout my life.

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Size and Price Range

Works on Canvas (unframed)
12 x 16 in. – $100
24 x 36 in. – $250
36 x 36 in. – $500
36 x 48 in. – $700