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Carl Hartt

Artist’s Statement

I use a large format camera and film in my fine-art photography, trying to capture life. This requires one to slow down, look at, and appreciate and experience one’s surroundings and one’s heart, with the purpose of capturing an emotion, a feeling, or a place.
I believe that film has a quality unmatched to that of digital. Detail is still unsurpassed with film – with all of life’s blemishes – a mole, a scar – visible to all – not sanitized by digital manipulation – real. Like life.
Traditional photographic processes do have limitations compared to using digital cameras and software. For example, analog photography is considerably slower and costlier than digital. In addition, film does not offer the ease or magnitude of photoshop cleansing or manipulations. Nevertheless, to me film and silver prints are tactile. My hands get wet.
Similarly, without the distraction of color, black and white allows one’s mind to better see the innate form within the photograph, the “flow” of the composition, the textures of the surfaces, the repeating patterns, and the romanticism.
I enjoy photographing a variety of subjects and often “see” them in a similar way. An automobile’s fender curves much like that of a woman’s body, a waterfall has the same sparkle of a car’s chrome grill. Or, a portrait with the same eternal life like that of a stoic marble tombstone.

For Made to Order

Maybe you too want something tactile, traditional and lasting. Do you see and feel the essence and the love that I convey in my photography? Do you want my vision of your life in your home or office? Provide the face, the body, or the wheels (i.e. car or motorcycle), and I will provide you with a photograph that I believe will capture the essence and the soul. Become my muse.

Size and Price Range

Photographs on Archival Paper (matted & framed)

8 x 10 in. – $525 (framed to 10 x 15 in.)
11 x 14 in. – $750 (framed to 15 x 20 in.)
16 x 20 in. – $1,050 (framed to 20 x 24 in.)
20 x 24 in. – $1,625 (framed to 25 x 30 in.)