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Steven Bauer

Artist’s Statement

What occupies the space you see? Light, lines, and shapes are what I capture in a moment to share for all time.

“What you see, is what was there.” -Nares

My photography is primarily black & white. This allows me to focus on the light and the composition of each space I capture. My job as an artist and a photographer is to point at things. To draw attention to a space and the occupants of that space. I find that HOW I point my camera is as important as WHAT I point my camera at. Through windows, from above or below, from far away or up close and personal, all to create an intimacy with the space I see.

The spaces that grab my attention may have cool buildings, interesting doors or windows, intriguing flora or just an interesting shape. They may be in the middle of an urban setting or far away in the middle of nowhere. But they will always have great light and hopefully dark shadows or fabulous clouds, or mood-inducing fog, or if I am really lucky, all of the above.

My intention is to draw the viewer into the space I see and for them to explore that space to see what they can experience.

Sizes and Price Range

Photo matted (standard frame)

16 x16 in. – $520
18 x 14 in. – $520
18 x 18 in. – $675
32 x 14 in. – $875
32 x 24 in. – $1,37

Photo matted (premium frame)

16 x16 in. – $800
18 x 14 in. – $800
18 x 18 in. – $950
32 x 14 in. – $1,275
32 x 24 in. – $1,800

Standard Frame:

  • White metal
  • Black metal

Premium Frame:

  • Oak wood
  • Maple wood