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Sandra Cipollone

Artist’s Statement
I am taking source imagery from found photographs just outside of living memory. My intention is not to exactly copy the images, which seems a little redundant, but to interpret them through inventive color schemes and brushwork. A strong color palette creates a straight-faced surrealism. Photos of strangers in the past remind me of the cognitive dissonance I feel when looking at my own family photographs. Our family tree is a bit complicated, and even something as innocent as looking at our archives opens up emotional minefields. I’m wrestling with “nostalgia”. If we define nostalgia as stories of the past we tell ourselves to justify our present, then how do we reconcile the unknown or the uncomfortable facts we discover?

For Made to Order
You can find some samples of the style of my work below. We can work together to determine the size, subject matter, and colors represented in your commission. Do you have a family photo you would like to see interpreted in the style of my work?

Size and Price Range

Works on canvas (unframed)
8 x 6 in. – $150
12 x 9 in. – $250
24 x 20 in. – $600
36 x 30 in. – $1400
36 x 48 in. – $4000