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Pearl O’Brien

Artist’s Statement

My art throughout the past twenty years has been largely focused on weaving and textiles. My current work is informed by the ideas of post-minimal artists, including Robert Morris and Eva Hesse, and explores the physical, sensual, and personal nature of materials. 

In recent years I have created sculptural work using a variety of mediums, including industrial felt and paper twine. Stretching and manipulating these materials, building strength and structure through weaving, allows them to take on form and dimension that they otherwise lack.

Each piece reveals both the hand and the sentiment of the maker. Evidence of “the hand” in fiber art has long been one reason for which it has not been critically regarded. Creating work that does not hide the process is my way of countering this history.

My hand and mind engage together in my studio practice. The physical act of creating allows for a contemplative and at times cathartic frame of mind that in turn impacts my engagement with the material. There is a connection between the mental challenge of processing personal history and the physical challenge of manipulating material. Through revealing the potential of the material, I am seeking my own potential as well. Although I have never made representational or personally narrative art, my story is what drives my work.


For Made to Order
We can work together to design the perfect textile piece to fit your space.

Size and Price Range
$600-$1,000 for linen or wool woven “frames.”
$500-$1,800 for paper twine pieces.