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Leif Larson

Artist’s Statement
One day in third grade, I watched my friend draw a ninja turtle during lunch hour. I wanted to know what that experience was like. I went home and started drawing. I’ve never stopped making art since.

Currently, I’m fascinated with developing my paintings and watercolors like a movie company. I get an idea. If the idea keeps telling me to make it into a production, then I know it’s an idea worth producing. Like a director, I focus on developing the setting, the characters, the decor, the light source, and the mood of the story. I draw directly on the canvas with a fine tip charcoal pencil, editing my lines as I draw out the scene. Like a script, my drawing is what guides me while I paint. I use a strong light source to develop my forms and shadows. The showcase characteristics of the “Artist as Director Paintings,” are their vibrant colors and conceptually whimsical forms. I exaggerate my drawings and color pallet to make the experience more dramatic and entertaining. When completed, I have produced a full production within the final piece of art.

For Made to Order
All I need are a photo and your ideas.

Size and Price Range

Works on Canvas (unframed)

8 x 8 10 in. – $250
11 x 14 in. – $350
12 x 24 in. – $400
16 x 20 in. – $450
18 x 24 in. – $550
24 x 24 in. – $600
22 x 28 in. – $750
24 x 36 in. – $850
30 x 40 in. – $1,000
36 x 48 in. – $1,500
36 x 60 in. – $1,800
48 x 48 in. – $1,800
48 x 60 in. – $2,200
48 x 72 in. – $2,800