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Lee Mothes

Artist’s Statement
I love the ocean, and have been fascinated by beaches, waves, and the ocean’s energy as far back as I can remember. I grew up on the California coast, spent most of my childhood on the beach, and began drawing while still in grade school. I studied art for several years, achieving a BS degree in Art at Western Oregon University in 1980. I’ve also operated a printing shop, co-owned a hot springs resort, and spent several years as a freelance carpenter. 

After moving to Wisconsin in 1986 (best place to raise kids), the irony of being away from the ocean compelled me to spend a lot more time painting it. I have found that I can ‘be there’ by painting and drawing imaginary places inspired by my growing up along the California coast.

I’ve been a full-time artist since 1990. 

My studio is located at 127 West Wisconsin Ave. in Kaukauna, upstairs in the KC&T Coffee Shop building. Feel free to visit during coffee shop hours.

For Made to Order
I capture landscapes, seascapes, beaches, surf, skies and imaginary places, in a realistic style. My mediums are watercolor, acrylic and graphite.

My offerings include:

  1. Paintings or drawings of your special beach or other place you would like captured. I always include a small sketch for your approval before starting a larger piece. I also paint portraits from current or heirloom photos, and residences such as that house in the past with all those memories!
  2. Murals – indoor or outdoor.
  3. Book illustration – diagrams or pictures rendered in watercolor or ink.

All I need are a photo and your ideas.

Price and Size Range
$800-$4,500. The price of the piece will vary based on your desired size.