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Kevin Foote

Artist’s Statement
Kevin Foote, originally from the Chicago area, studied fine art at Columbia College and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Kevin then moved to Austin, Texas where he opened and ran a small collective and exhibition space, Birdhouse Gallery. Several years later, Kevin decided to shutter the gallery and relocate to Madison, Wisconsin to be closer to his family and continue working as an independent artist.

For Made to Order
My work is inspired by the beauty that I find in the ordinary and imperfect; it tells a short story and leaves the viewer with a sense of wonder. All work is oil and acrylic on canvas.

Size and Price Range

16 x 20 in. – $600
24 x 30 in. – $1,200
24 x 36 in. – $1,500
30 x 40 in. – $2,200
32 x 48 in. – $2,700
40 x 60 in. – $3,500

Piece may alter depending on the desired size and subject matter.