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Heather Heckel

Artist’s Statement
Due to a complication at birth, my eyes do not work together. I see a hyper clear image with my dominant eye, and with my other eye I see an overlapping ghost image. This double vision denies me depth perception, and I see everything two dimensionally in a constantly shifting kaleidoscope. I communicate this flatness combined with sharp focus and soft floating edges in my artwork. My artwork relies heavily on visual cues of light and shadow to create form and depth.My vision is a constant, chaotic irritant, which causes me to live my everyday life as a highly organized minimalist. Therefore, my artwork becomes my way of obsessively collecting one singular, isolated object at a time. Ultimately, I am practicing the simultaneous fusion of a logical structure with an emotional impact, while the object of my attention looks back at me.
I am interested in pairs, whether they are two unrelated objects or a duplicated object. Colored pencil allows me to capture accuracy and detail while being able to overlap and blend. This juxtaposition of multiple objects as one unit asks the viewer, which one is real?

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Size and Price Range

Works in Oil or Colored Pencil (unframed) 
8 x 8 in. – $200
10 x 10 in. – $300
12 x 12 in. – $400