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Elyse-Krista Mische

Artist’s Statement

I use my mixed media practice and experiences as a Hospice Volunteer and Certified Nursing Assistant to preserve personal memories and those of others, and as a tool to break down the fence that separates us from talking about and acknowledging death.

I research a multitude of contemporary and historical ideas; philosophical, religious, scientific, and peoples’ personal perspectives on living and dying to inform my work and to draw in a more diverse audience. Bird imagery has been a cross cultural symbol of otherworldliness for centuries and is utilized in my work so that anyone can place themselves into the narrative.

I specifically use make-believe and crafty materials from my childhood and craft processes introduced to me by my elders to evoke a sense of nostalgia and as a way of preserving not only myself but also the older generations who have used these processes.  Latch-hook, embroidery, papier-mâché, and collage are inviting and tactile mediums that draw people in with whimsy. I construct narratives and objects that act as time capsules and I choose materials that urge people to touch or to get up close and personal. This approach allows for physical, intimate engagement with the art work and associated ideas; I want to draw people into death positivity, encourage them to get face to face with their mortality, and I hope to create a welcoming space for people to consider their own beliefs.