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Eduin Perez Fraga

Born in Havana, Cuba, Eduin Fraga began painting over fifteen years ago, blending newspaper collage and paint on canvas. Each work captures the dynamic fragments of society, transforming it into a record of the human experience. Fraga formally studied at the Experimental Center of Visual Arts in Havana, and has been invited to present his work in galleries and universities throughout the U.S. and Cuba.

Artist’s Statement
I strive continually to represent the complex and subtle realities of daily experience in Cuba and the U.S. Focusing on everyday life, I reveal themes like the Special Period in Cuba, workers’ struggles for economic survival, aging infrastructure and challenges of transportation, sanitation, emigration, and familial separation or loss. I use collage mixed with oil, acrylic, charcoal and other media on canvas – a mixed media technique I call “collage painting.” I include excerpts and images from various Cuban and American newspapers to capture dynamic fragments of the societies in which I live. Through this approach, I not only display objective images of daily life in Cuba and the U.S., but I create a historical register of events and institutional processes that have shaped our societies and the people within them.

Size and Price Range
Works on canvas and cardboard (unframed)

14 x 11 in. – $ 500
20 x 16 in. – $ 1200
32 x 23 in. – $ 3000
39 x 29 in. – $ 5000
47 x 39 in. – $ 8000
72 x 36 in. – $ 12000