Made to Order is co-hosted by:

Daniel Klewer

Daniel’s work has been in over 60 exhibitions in places such as New York, Chicago, Miami, and Philadelphia. His work has been published in various journals and magazines, and has received many awards throughout the country.

Artist’s Statement
I continue to celebrate my love of painting in my series “Linear Tactility.” The paintings all share a consistent linearly divided composition with investigations into the visual and psychological resonance of color relationships and texture. A brushless paint application dominates the painting’s surface. The painting’s unique, sculpturally-textured paint feels as if it is reaching off the canvas towards the viewer. Tension between surface and depth, light and material, and color and texture draw you into the painting’s surface, while the sharp cactus-like texture pushes back.

For Made to Order
Drawn to the strong textures, depth, and colors of my work? We can work together to determine a color pallet and size to match your space.

Size and Price Range

Works on canvas (unframed)

24 x 24 in. – $500
24 x 36 in. – $750
36 x 48 in. – $1,500
48 x 48 in. – $2,000
60 x 60 in. – $3,000
60 x 72 in. – $4,000