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Made to Order Virtual Exhibition

Created by Leif Larson
Commissioned by Leila Mousai

Leif Larson

One day in third grade, Larson watched his friend draw a ninja turtle during lunch hour. He wanted to know what that experience was like. He went home and started drawing. Larson has never stopped making art since.

Currently, he is fascinated with developing his paintings and watercolors like a movie company. He gets an idea. If the idea keeps telling him to make it into a production, then he knows it’s an idea worth producing. Like a director, he focuses on developing the setting, the characters, the decor, the light source, and the mood of the story. Larson draws directly on the canvas with a fine tip charcoal pencil, editing his lines as he draws out the scene. Like a script, his drawing is what guides him while he paints. He uses a strong light source to develop the forms and shadows. The showcase characteristics of the “Artist as Director Paintings,” are their vibrant colors and conceptually whimsical forms. Larson exaggerates his drawings and color pallet to make the experience more dramatic and entertaining. When completed, he has produced a full production within the final piece of art.