Hortonville Middle School and
Fox West Academy Student Exhibit

The Hortonville Area School District is excited to share Hortonville Middle School and Fox West Academy students’ art work with the community and the Trout Museum of Art. We are pleased to share the works of students in grades 5, 7, and 8 who were inspired by Chuck Close, Georgia O’Keeffe, and Impressionist, Renaissance, Asian, and Steampunk Industrial art. This collection of works include grid portraits in graphite, watercolor flowers and landscapes, oil pastel landscapes, Yin-Yang symbols, and mixed media Steampunk insects.

School Year: 2020-21
Art Teacher: Sara Hans

Grade 5


Gracie R | Untitled

Drawing my flower was nice because I love drawing.  The hardest part of this project was making sure that no paint went into the other areas.

Grade 7


Casandra T | The Cabin in the Woods

My favorite part of this landscape are the pine trees in the far left, because I love drawing trees and seeing how they turn out in the end. I also like seeing how I improved my art skills over the years since I want to be a successful artist in the future.


Hayden D | The Steamy Beetle

Doing anything with art makes me feel relaxed...like drawing, painting, sculpting, and just imagining anything possible to put on paper. Art is creative and it makes you creative. Being creative helps you in life because it helps you see the positive and not negative.


Jena B | The Diptera

My favorite part of making this fly was making all the gears and drawing it. Art class was a great experience for me because I could draw and create things I wouldn't think of at home. 


Grace S | Silver Beetle

I enjoyed using paint pens. My favorite part of this piece is the hook antennae. The metal gear on my beetle is another favorite of mine.


Savannah M | Mechanical Beetle

Art makes me happy because you can do anything your imagination wants. When I am doing art, I feel calm, relaxed, and content. I feel proud when I finish a work of art.


Jillian C | Steam Wasp

When I do art, it calms me, it makes me feel like I'm in a zone. I am always drawing...my schoolwork papers are always filled with doodles. I've always enjoyed art; art has always bee my favorite class in school.

Grade 8


Brianna P | Simon

This is a drawing I did of my grandma's cat, Simon. I chose to draw him because I knew that drawing his long hair would be a challenge. It was difficult but I'm happy with how it turned out.


Rachel P | Champ

My art symbolizes my love for my dog. We adopted him in 2012 and have had him since he was a puppy. He was such an adorable puppy, I couldn't resist!


Dagen B | Sun and Moon

I chose to draw this because I thought it looked really cool. It was relaxing and fun to draw. My favorite part was making the mountains and all the shading. I was surprised it turned out because I only used a smudge stick and oil pastels, but I love how it turned out.


Leah H | Jake

I was inspired to draw him because he is so cute. Creating this portrait has a long process that involved many steps, which had some difficulties that I had to overcome. 


Brooke H | My Bestie

I chose to draw Paige because she is my best friend and she means so much to me. I feel she deserved the honor to be drawn by me. I had lots of fun drawing her and showing her what it looks like through the journey.


Shaylee S| Walk of Life

The paintbrush is "painting" your walk of life and you are walking it. The words/quote tells how you overcome obstacles and live strong and find how your walk of life goes. Overall, live your life to the fullest, be strong and be happy. 


Wesley N | Wesley Nickchen

This piece is a self-portrait of me. When I made this piece, I was thinking about everything that I've done in life, both the positive and negative.


Wesley N | Untitled

When I created this Yin-Yang I was thinking of death and life and how there is no escape from it, so I created this piece. 


Max H | George Harrison

I chose George Harrison because I am a huge Beatles fan. My favorite song of his is either "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" or "What is My Life."


Julia S | Equality Eclipse

I chose this idea because I love nature. I love the outdoors, especially sunrises and mountains. I actually found a similar example online and decided to expand my own ideas into this piece of art. It was challenging at times to blend and create but it was totally worth it. To me, art is a very important way to express your individuality and creativity. 


Rory M B | Rebecca Konkle

I chose my best friend to draw and she chose to put on her hat the one she uses to cosplay Janus Sanders. I finished this portrait in four days. 


Claire H | My Sister, Alyse

I chose to draw my little sister, Alyse, because I wanted to show just how much I love her. Even as she grows, I can have this 1-year old stage of cuteness left to remember. She's my best friend...so I wanted to just capture what makes her so amazing!


Hannah H | Marilyn Monroe

I chose Marilyn Monroe because I wanted to challenge myself with her look. She is definitely known for her look. She was a trendsetter in the 50's. She was one of the artists that Andy Warhol did in different colors.