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Illuminating Women

January 12 – May 12, 2024
Opening Night: January 12 | 5-8pm | Free & Open to the Public
Exhibit Admission: Visit FREE with your TMA membership, starting as low as $15 for the year. One-day passes also available at $10.

Illuminating Women is a collaboration between Juliane Troicki and Laura Schneider telling the stories of 30 incredible women from the Appleton area. Capturing women’s multidimensionality in life and work, the women are from a multitude of backgrounds, ages, and professions. Each woman is featured in one black and white photo (Laura) and one biographical narrative (Juliane). Juliane and Laura created this project to shine a light on exceptional women and their gifts to the community. They hope that Illuminating Women will encourage empathy, foster a sense of belonging, and inspire everyone.

Illuminating Women is a collaboration between Juliane Troicki and Laura Schneider. Illuminating Women debuted in 2020 at the Thelma Sadoff Center for the Arts in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin featuring 30 exceptional women from the Fond du Lac community. The most attended visual arts event to date at the Thelma, Illuminating Women was a huge success. After this amazing experience, Juliane and Laura are on a quest to take Illuminating Women around the world and inspire communities everywhere.

Illuminating Women is empowered by:

Image: Yee Vue, Laura Schneider of Studio L


 Laura Schneider, founder of Studio L, is a Midwest-based artist who colors outside the lines of life. For two decades, Laura has been capturing subtleties that go overlooked by the casual observer. Her perceptive nature gives her work character and revealing depth. She leverages her senses and the natural qualities of her environment to leave inspired, relatable creations in her wake. Through storytelling, Laura creates a connection we long for. Her mission is to live to her fullest potential by creating work that matters.

Juliane Troicki, Ph.D. is the founder of Illuminating Project LLC and partners with companies to retain their most valuable employees.   A native of Berlin, Germany, Juliane has lived in New York City and Philadelphia before making her home in Wisconsin.  When she is not chasing after her four children, her husband and her rescue dog Roy, Juliane enjoys weightlifting and restoring mid-century furniture.  Juliane cares deeply about her community and those around her.  With Illuminating Women, Juliane seeks to learn from others and share their inspiring stories and lessons.

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Jan 12 2024 - May 12 2024
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