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Mon – Fri: Jun 6-10
1:00 – 4:00pm
Educator: Hannah Kuplack
Ages 8-11

Learn the basics of how to paint with watercolors. As you advance through this creative and exciting series – watch your painting skills grow! Begin to strengthen your skills in composition and color theory and learn how to approach different subject matter successfully.

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$200 | All supplies included.


Meet the Educator

Hannah is an independent artist, small business owner and an Art Educator for the Kaukauna Area School District. She has a Bachelor of Fine arts with an emphasis in figure drawing and art metals from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. Her current focus is botanical illustrations combined with contrasting geometric shapes. Her philosophy is that art is an intrinsically natural human experience whether a creator, explorer, or observer. The creation or enjoyment of art plays an important part in the mental and emotional wellness of our communities. Her art is inspired by the contrast of our experience of nature (represented by the botanicals in her art) and the restrictions in society(represented by the geometric shapes in her art). Her goal is to spread beauty and the joy of art making in her community.

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