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TMA Talk | Hmong Storycloths

Apr 25     1:00pm

Join TMA and artist Salina Xiong as we discuss the historical and cultural roles of storycloths in the Hmong community. Plus, we shine a light on the debate of art vs. craft.

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About Salina Xiong

Salina Xiong is a Hmoob-American fashion designer and writer. She is a graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she got her B.S. in Textiles and Fashion Design. With a focus on apparel design, she is passionate about creating designs that reflect her identities and environment. With great attention to detail, she creates looks that are well balanced in color and silhouette.

Salina has always enjoyed writing but found a passion for poetry and prose in her early college years. She recently published a poetry book titled “thoughts to the universe”,  a collection of poetry touching on her experiences with love, her Hmoob American identity, her journey with her mental health, and more.

Rooted in her culture, Salina strives to bridge the gap between the modern and the traditional. She hopes to push the boundaries and redefine what it means to be Hmoob and American through fashion design and writing.