Street Art

Jul 8 -12 2019 12:30pm – 3:30pm
Ages 14 – 18

Roll up your sleeves and have fun while learning about one of the most mysterious art forms around, street art! Learning history through street art is just the start of getting immersed in the world of art. There are endless possibilities for sharing and showing your art once you learn how to create and use stencils. In addition to the actual process of creating reusable art, we will also focus on the principles of design and bettering yourself as an artist. The camp will end with campers using McFleshman’s Brewing Co. as their canvass! All supplies included.

Members $185 single registration ($165 for multiple registrations)
Non-members $205 single registration ($185 for multiple registrations)


Special thanks:

Certain campers may qualify for financial assistance. APPLY HERE


Stephanie Harvey is a Wisconsin born visual artist with a passion for promoting the arts in her community. She obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.  It is here that she fell in love with printmaking and got back to working in the photography darkroom. More recently, she began doing embroidery and some mixed media fiber projects which incorporate her love of crochet, sewing and general love of crafts and weird “is this art?” type of things.
Stephanie enjoys the enthusiasm that comes from teaching, exploring and engaging the community in art.  She owns her own photography business, Boomerang Portraits, which specializes in black and white journalistic, storytelling portraiture of children and families. She teaches at The Trout Museum of Art (Appleton), local libraries, private parties and more.    She is currently living life colorfully in Kimberly, Wisconsin with her best friend and two children. She is working with other artists, art organizations and community members on public art installations, workshops and casual art happenings to promote the arts in the Fox Valley.