Student Exhibition

Jun 15, 2019 – Aug 25, 2019
John & Susan Toussaint Student Artist Gallery

Exceptional artwork created by Renaissance School for the Arts students.


Teacher: Annette Koepke
The artwork that lines the hallway displays work from “Painting Through the Ages”, an advanced painting course where students explore different painting styles from some of the greatest movements of history. For this assignment, high schools students paired with 4th graders from Franklin Elementary. The 4th graders wrote their own Greek myths and the high schoolers brought the stories to life using inspiration from Ancient Greek Art.

Some of the other painting pieces come from “Situational Perspectives”, an advanced drawing/painting course where students worked to build perspective skills. These pieces were inspired by The Trout’s recent “Guildhall” show. Students pulled ideas from the individual pieces as well as the interior of The Trout.


Teacher: Cathy Peter

The Photography work comes from two of the Photography classes offered last semester at Renaissance. The portraits were shot in the RNTM class (Renaissance’s Next Top Model).  Students were paired with a different model and given a different set of criteria for each shoot, some in a studio setting and some on location. The other photography class represented here focused on the art of photographing food, experimenting with various techniques that enhanced these still-life shots.

5th floor John & Susan Toussaint Student Artist Gallery is free to the public during museum hours.