Pop Art Painting

Jun 15 -19, 2020     1pm – 4pm Ages 11 – 14

Be inspired by the every day and learn the awesome art of pop art with local artist Cristian Andersson! We will learn and use the basic elements of art to develop pop-art paintings during this camp. We will discuss the work of pop artists for inspiration (Warhol, Lichtenstein, Haring, Kusama, Murakami, etc.) but the direction of the individual student may vary from there. All supplies included.

Certain campers may qualify for financial assistance. APPLY HERE

Registration: $200

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Cristian Andersson is an artist who works out of Matchbook Studio in Appleton, Wis. While he primarily creates abstract oil paintings, in 2016 he started branching off into installation and performance pieces that deal with contemporary concerns: the overwhelming nature of our news, navigating interpersonal communication as it becomes more abstracted through social media, and the balance between notions of the self and the greater community. He is also involved in community art events: curating small exhibitions of local artists, teaching classes to middle and high school students, and working with students from UW-Oshkosh in an annual off-campus invitational exhibition.