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Thurs, Mar 17
5:30pm-7:30pm | $35

Educator: Hannah Fenn
Adults & Teens 14+

Found poetry is much like a literary collage. This method of borrowing texts from unusual sources is great exercise for the creative mind. Students will fashion poems using their artistic discretion to combine words and phrases found in non-poetic contexts, such as e-mails, newspapers, and textbooks.

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Meet the Educator

Hannah Darling Fenn is an Oregon born poet now living in Appleton, Wisconsin. She holds a Bachelor of Arts with an emphasis in creative writing from Southern Oregon University. She is fascinated with the wordless language of art poets somehow catch with words and the mysterious realm in the psyche where poems are sourced. Much of her work is inspired by the human spirit’s connection with nature, meditative states, and mythology. Hannah sees poetry as an anchor to intuition and wholeness of the self. She also likes to meld mediums, pairing her poems with paintings, dried floral art, and photography. Her poems have appeared in various publications.
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