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Thurs, June 30
5:30 – 8:30pm | $50 TMA members receive 10% off!
Educator: Jennifer Dins of Dins Designs
Adults & Teens 13+ Parents encouraged for younger attendees
Level: Beginner to Advanced

Have you always wanted to learn how to make jewelry using precious metals like sterling silver, but felt intimidated by the cost of getting started? Working with real silver doesn’t require a set up that costs hundreds of dollars as we introduce you to Silver Metal Clay!

In this workshop, we’ll explore some of the basics of how to start working with Silver Metal Clay. You will learn how to create a coil(s) and use them to design a Pendant or Keychain using a medium called Silver Metal Clay.

After being fired with a torch, this clay is 99% pure silver! You’ll then have options to polish your piece to a bright finish, or patina to it bring out the details. We will wrap it all up by learning finishing techniques that will make your pieces really shine.

TMA members receive 10% off! A variety of supplies and equipment will be provided for use during this class, all included in tuition.


Meet the Educator | Jennifer Dins

I am from the Milwaukee, WI area and I moved to Madison, WI to earn my undergraduate degree in marketing. In 2000, I earned a master’s degree in management, training and organizational development. But besides a mother and wife, what I really am is a life-long artist who found myself in a non-creative career for over 25 years.

After a potentially terminal cancer diagnosis in 2006 permanently sidelined me from my 25 year management career, I decided to follow my creative heart and began to explore a new medium: metal clay. Metal clays (made with reclaimed silver, gold, copper or bronze) are powdered metals mixed with a binder. When a green-ware silver metal clay piece is completely fired in a kiln, the organic clay binder burns completely away and it results in a finished jewelry piece composed of 96%-99% pure silver. This medium is easy on my sore hands and joints and I feel a sense of accomplishment every time I complete a piece. The uniqueness of this material allows me to add fingerprints, paw prints and even handwriting directly into the silver. Most of my sales are to people who have lost someone and want to capture a piece of him or her within the silver of an heirloom piece. I now believe it’s my calling to help these people through a particularly difficult time.

I love working with silver…it’s my Zen place.

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