Veteran’s Talking Circles

Debra Morningstar, Oneida Artist and Tribal Member, invites Veterans to share their personal stories. This is a new program for TMA, one we’re hoping to launch at the end of 2021/beginning of 2022.

Talking Circles will begin with personal sharing before Debra invites participants to create a form of Traditional and/or Earth-based art as part of their journey.

The Traditional Talking Circle is rooted in Ancient Native Teachings. They are done in a respectful manner that includes sharing, listening, and learning new ways of communication. It is believed that everything in the Native worldview is interconnected which includes Spirituality, art, and healing.

This program is for Veterans only with no cost.

Heading Image: Four Medicines: Sage, Sweetgrass, Tobacco, and Cedar are used in purifying our hearts and minds. The Eagle Feather, or any Feather of the “Winged One” can also be used.

Debra Morningstar, professional storyteller, fiber artist, and Oneida Tribal citizen has presented Native storytelling performances, Keynotes, and Earth-based healing workshops across the US and Canada for the past 28 years.

Some of Debra’s past work includes cultural residencies in Elementary and Middle schools throughout Wisconsin and beyond, Cultural sensitivity trainings for Educators, Librarians, University Diversity programs, Department of Corrections, Mental Health, Sexual/Domestic Violence organizations, AODA services, Veterans Services, Native American Urban Indian Centers, National and regional Storytelling and Art organizations.

Additionally, Debra’s CD, Tales From the Lodge, a collection of Native American children’s stories, was nominated in 2008 for a Native American Music Award (NAMA).

Many Winters ago, Debra was born and raised in Appleton, Wisconsin.

As a child she recalled feeling a strong connection to the Earth. It was in her Youth that she learned of her Oneida heritage.

Eventually, She connected with Tribal Elders to learn about her history, returning to the Community, land, and culture that was part of her.

It is here where she found her passion… that of the traditional art Storytelling – not only as a way to learn about herself and culture, but also as a healing Medicine.

In later years she would wrap herself in the balm of the Natural world…finding it would be the Spiritual Nourishment of the forests, prairies, and wetlands that would guide her to share personal as well as traditional stories.

Today, Debra Morningstar has found peace and purpose in artfully weaving Words and flute  into her performances and lectures as well as creating all sorts of fiber art including Pine Needle basketry.

It’s only been the last few years that she has developed a love of Black Ash basketry! She truly believes it is the Spirit of her Oneida Great Grandparents who continue to inspire her to keep learning for as long as she can about this ancient, traditional art form. After all, they were accomplished basket-makers in their own right on the Oneida Reservation many years ago.

Debra really DIGS gathering and harvesting grasses, bark, vine, pods, cattails, and anything else she can get her hands on to create meaningful art on her own Earth Walk of healing.

And, you know what?

She’d like YOU to join her!

Debra is available for adult storytelling presentations, lectures, Keynotes, Art & Healing workshops & More!