Restorative Justice

Youth of the Outagamie County Youth & Family Services’ Restorative Justice Program are referred by the Outagamie County Juvenile Court System. Restorative Justice is a philosophy that focuses on restoring the community. It connects youth to their community in a positive way through community service projects and volunteer opportunities.

Local organizations are active participants in helping shape and restore our community’s youth. They provide a strengths-based focus of skill building and increase the self-confidence of those involved.

TMA partners with Outagamie County Youth & Family Services Restorative Justice program to provide an immersive arts program that is carefully crafted to create a safe, welcoming, and comfortable learning environment at the museum. Art has an incredible rehabilitative effect and through the work of dedicated art instructors, we empower local youth with skills to manage trauma and continue to grow, learn, and heal.

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Made possible by a grant from the Bright Idea Fund within the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region.