Big Arts in the Little Apple

2019-20 Featured Piece: Firebird Suite by Igor Stravinsky

The Trout Museum of Art, Fox Valley Symphony Orchestra, and Appleton Area School District coordinate an annual community collaboration that explores the intersection of music and the visual arts. This year, the Symphony’s Music Director, Kevin Sütterlin, introduced a select piece of symphonic music, Firebird Suite by Igor Stravinsky, to AASD Art and Music teachers who were taught how to respond to the music visually by local artist Cristian Andersson. Throughout the school year, AASD teachers will take what they’ve learned from Sütterlin and Andersson, and introduce Firebird Suite to elementary students (grades 2-6). Participating students will listen to and learn about the music, and then respond to the music through the creation of their own visual artwork.

The artwork is juried, displayed, and celebrated throughout the Fox Valley. Juried pieces are featured at a Fox Valley Symphony Orchestra concert and students are invited to hear the Symphony perform the featured piece live at the Fox Cities PAC. All submitted artwork is included in a celebration exhibition at a wide variety of locations across our community. A concluding reception honoring the juried artwork will be held at the Trout Museum of Art.


  • Engage approximately 1,000 students in a multi-disciplinary exploration of creativity and expression
  • Create long-lasting, empowering experiences for young artists
  • Celebrate and encourage collaboration among our art and music educators

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