Christina Turner

Reclaiming Identity Exhibition

Christina Turner, the Executive Director of the Trout Museum of Art, epitomizes the fusion of art and leadership. With a Master of Fine Arts in Painting and Drawing from the California College of the Arts in San Francisco, Christina’s artistic journey began as a passionate exploration of creativity and expression. This artistic background forms the bedrock of her leadership philosophy, as she seamlessly blends her experience in business, education, publishing, marketing, and fundraising in the art world.

Christina has harnessed over 30 years of diverse experience, positioning herself as an arts, education, and administrative professional. Her commitment to fostering a strong rapport between the Trout Museum of Art and the artist community is a testament to her dedication to art and artmaking.

With a profound appreciation for the Fox Cities’ broader cultural landscape and a deep connection to her roots, Christina endeavors to leverage art as a catalyst for community enrichment. Her ultimate objective is to spearhead an exciting and impactful journey for the Trout Museum of Art that unites the community through the transformative power of art.