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Made to Order Virtual Exhibition

Created by Ginnie Cappaert
Commissioned by Wendy Janu

Ginnie Cappaert

Ginnie Cappaert is a fulltime visual artist with a summer studio in Door County, Wisconsin and a winter studio in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Her surroundings of nature and her travels inspire and influence her oil, cold wax, mixed media paintings on paper or wood panel.

Ginnie has been a fulltime artist for over twenty years, but it is her intense studying of art history and just ‘experimenting’ that have broadened her personal techniques to art making. She uses the cold wax medium to mix with oil paints to create a more spreadable and textured paint that she can layer, add, and remove or unearth areas to expose history within the painting. It is this in-depth process that allows subtle markings and layers to emerge into the finished painting which is an abstracted minimalist version of a landscape. A few of her influences include Richard Diebenkorn, Mark Rothko, Helen Frankenthaler, and Agnes Martin.

Ginnie owns her own gallery, Cappaert Contemporary Gallery and is represented by six galleries across the country. She teaches her abstracted landscapes in oil and cold wax workshops internationally.

Peace. Serenity. Joy. is what she would like to accomplish in her highly layered and textured colorful paintings.