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Christina Turner – email

Director of Finance Operations
Meg O’Brien – email

Marketing Manager
Dan Beckwith – email

Education Coordinator
Marci Hoffman – email

Assistant Curator
Ann Soderlund – email

Visitor Services Supervisor
Shawn Thiel – email

Visitor Services Associates
Phoebe Eisenbeis
Jennie Schmidt
Annie Connolly
Christy Fine

Gallery Attendants
Bob Salm
Gayle Schultz

Board of Directors

Chair, Executive Committee
John Bergstrom

Chair, Board of Directors
John Bykowski

Past Chair, Board of Directors
Kathi Seifert

Vice Chair, Board of Directors
Walt Rugland

Christina Turner

Board Members

Laurie Ackell
Mark Behnke
Oscar Boldt
Lisa Cruz
Beth Flaherty
Chris Fleming
Jay Gottlieb
Dede Heid
Kevin Hunter
Sandra Hupfer
Richard Jelinski
Adam Landsverk
Brian McGinnis
Michelle Richeson
Matt Schmidt
Phil Sealy
Richard Thompson
Cathie Tierney
John Trottier
Renee Ulman

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