I began exploring with acrylic paint, bold color design, and abstract compositions that typically consist of various shapes and lines about twenty-five years ago. A black line surrounds and defines the blocks of color. This black line was originally created in a wide, flat brush. The results were very wobbly. In addition to the composition and design process, I wanted the paintings to be more precise and clean with precision craftsmanship. I developed a tape-free system of working with rulers, compass bows, and even made some of my own tools for the ability to work larger. The final outer edge black acrylic linework is in fact freehand with a small brush. My paintings have been on display at The Dubuque Museum of Art, The Wright Museum of Art, The Trout Museum of Art, Rockford Art Museum, Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, various University of Wisconsin Art Galleries, and a few performing art center galleries in Wisconsin and Illinois. Influences include, but are not limited to, music, pop art, pop culture, comic books, nature, math, and science. I live in Monroe, WI with my supportive husband and beautiful daughter.