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Thank You for a Great 2021 Event!
Art at the Park will return July 23 & 24, 2022

Each year, Art at the Park draws tens of thousands of visitors to Downtown Appleton! This two-day event is held in our historic City Park and features nearly 200 artist vendors, amazing food and drinks, a Kids Creative Space, and so much ART.

Art at the Park

Trout Museum of Art

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Art at the Park presented by Community First Credit Union

Hosted by the Trout Museum of Art

Artist applications open November 5, 2021.

Admission is Free
500 E Franklin St, Appleton, WI 54911
Free Parking. Handicap parking located on Park St.
D1 Happenstance Glassworks Glass
D2 Samuel Yao Basketry
D3 The Pink Hammer Shop Mixed
D4 A.D. Hogan Art Painting
D5 RLW Glass Glass
D6 Oakhaven Pottery Ceramics
D7 Stanley Leonard Studio Printmaking
D8 Amanda Sunderland Jewelry
D9 Adam Pankratz Painting
D10 Kats Ceramics Ceramics
D11 Stan Piepenburg Drawing
D12/13 Michael Ashley Gallery Photo
D14 Earlusion Jewelry
D15 Chickory Wood Products Wood
D16 Chao Xiong Other
D17 Jamison Studios Sculpture
D18 Arthur Bartkowiak Painting
D19 Silver Wear by Darlene Jewelry
D20/21 Whittles and Bits Wood
D22 Mari Giftware Mixed
D23 ThunderSky Jewelry Jewelry
D24 Puzzle Mist Wood
D25 The Shepherd’s Purse Fiber
D26 Universal Ancients Ceramics
D27 Irresistible Designs Metal
D28 Diane By Design, LLC Jewelry
D29 Kelsey Wilson Painting
D30 Nels Johnson Photo
D31 Mariana Russell Painting
D32 Stehle Woodworking Wood
D33 Diakonos Designs Jewelry
D34 Heather Renaux Painting
D35 Sue Mooney Art, LLC Mixed
D36 Coreen Johnson Fine Art Painting
F1 Wild Prairie Silver Jewelry
F2 Lilium Artisans Ceramics
F3 New Creation Paper Art Studio Mixed
F4 On Q Designs Jewelry
F5 Mezame Fashion
F6/7 Moments in Time Photography Photo
F8-10 Mathews Gallery Jewelry
F11 Scot Schmidt Mixed
F12 Pen & Mouse Studio Painting
F13 Joshua Bradley Wood
F14 Palette Earth Designs Jewelry
F15 Christopher Doherty Photography Photo
F16 Iconic Quilling Paper
F17 Sam Thompson Ceramics Ceramics
F18 Tom Smith Painting
F19 Jacqueline Graves Glass
F20 Lost Sparrow Jewelry Jewelry
F21 Wennerstens Etchings Printmaking
F22 Marlene Hopfensperger Painting
F23 Lea Peot Jewelry, LLC Jewelry
F24/25 Robin Lauersdorf Drawing
F26 Cornerstone Kiln Pottery Studio Ceramics
F27 Amy Austin Artwork Painting
F28 Sharon Fujimoto Glass
F29 Kristen Alice Pacini Painting
F30 Strub’s Woodcrib, LLC Wood
F31 Songbird Spirals Fiber
F32 Leaf Street Pottery Ceramics
F33/34 Trout Museum of Art
F35 Menzel Fine Art Digital
F36 Artistic Innovations, LLC Painting
F37 Sean Corner Sculptures Sculpture
F38 The Earth & All Stars Jewelry
F39 Siri Stensberg Painting
F40 pubsOf Mixed
F41 Courtney Kaczorowski Ceramics
F42 Michael Piotrowski Photo
F43 Elemental Maille Jewelry
F44 Ewaldart Painting
F45 Creative Nutworks Other
F46/47 Andrew Otis Ceramics
F48 Adam Hoffman Digital
F49 Deborah Doerflinger Mixed
F50 Doug Schmidt Ceramics
F51/52 Yarnival Jewelry
F53 R. Fulwiler Digital
U1 Nate Hunter Ceramics Ceramics
U2 Topaj Jewelry
U3 Rich Theobald Mixed
U4 Lilian Oils On Canvas Painting
U5 Focal Point Photography, LLC Photo
U6 Susan Lukas Digital
U7 B.Felt Fashion
U8 Terra Domus Design Group Ceramics
U9 Margaret Hall Glass
U10/11 Kimberly Moon Young Mixed
U12 Magical Delights Jewelry
U13 Mittelstadt Nature Art Painting
U14 Rezin Studios, LLC Glass
U15 Martin Photography Photo
U16 Robert Nilsson Jewelry
U17 Byron Wells Painting
U18 Copper Horse Woodworks Wood
U19 etcArts Ceramics
U20 Silver Nest Studio Fiber
U21 Dori Patrick Mixed
U22 Sophia Pip Designs Jewelry
U23/24 Jay Rasmussen Photography, LLC Photo
U25 Jeanne Demers Pottery Ceramics
U26 Dfrey Designs Painting
U27 Dins Designs Jewelry
U28 Art by NJF Mixed
U29 Gretchen Wood Painting
U30 Mark Lajiness Sculpture
U31 Thomas Tyers Woodcarving Wood
U32 Punz Pics Photo
U33 Curtis Archer Metal
U34 Ann Prey Jewelry Jewelry
U35 Charlotte Fung Miller Painting
N1 Assured Principles, LLC ART by Joann Mariahazy Printmaking
N2 Twice Baked Pottery, LLC Ceramics
N3 Daniel Moore Photography
N4/5 DL Fenn Glass
N6/7 Meyerdirk Art Sculpture
N8 JotMardoKingJewelry Jewelry
N9/10 A. Weiss Custom Copper Design Metal
N11 Stella Sparrow Jewelry
N12/13 Etched Lightning Wood
N14 Cynthia Thomas Ceramics
N15 Naomi Hart Mixed
N16 Shane Hudak Photography Photo
N17 Oh Wow Creations, LLC Painting
N18 RDHwirework Jewelry
N19 Art By Karen Mixed
N20 Ted Gilmer Leather
N21 Anthony Holt Glass
N22 Jeffrey Gasper Leather
N23 dragonmar Drawing
N24 Darrel Bowman Pottery Ceramics
N25 I Dream As Jeanne Jewelry
N26 Savas Fine Art Painting
N27 Beau & Kara Studios Wood
N28 Sue Perse Photography Photo
N29/30 Gerrys Metal
N31 Miss Olivia’s Line Jewelry
N32 Wolf Leathers Leather
N33 Elyse-Krista Mische Mixed
N34 Elena Chevalier Painting
N35 Chintana Haas Ceramics
N36 Natterjacks Leather
N37 M I Designs Jewelry
N38 Mary’s Canvas, LLC Other
N39 RossHaven Glass Glass
N40 Morris Johnson Mixed
N41 Hudson River Inlay Wood
N42 Lisa Williams jewelry Jewelry
N43 Anthony Slichenmyer Metal
N44 Lydia Andersen Studio Painting
N45 ND Trivette Photography Photo
N46 Motley Metals Jewelry Jewelry
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Congratulations to these Awrad-Winning Artists!
Congratulations to the artists presented during Artist Awards at Art at the Park on July 24!
We are so proud to partner with Amcor, who donated $5,000 for the following seven artists. Thank you also to our judge who spent hours walking around to each booth Saturday: Carol Emmons, Professor Emerita in Art and Design at UW-Green Bay.
Sam Thompson: Best of Show, Ceramics
Lydia Andersen: Best 2D, Painting
Thomas Tyers: Best 3D, Woodworking

Albert Tanko, Mixed Media
Samuel Yao, Basketry
Mia Russell, Painting
Michael Piotrowski, Photography
Sam Thompson, Best of Show, pictured with Trout Museum of Art President, Christina Turner.


Main Stage – Saturday, July 24

Time Slot Artist Name
9:30am Rondini’s Magic & Illusion Show
11:00am Nolan Ehlers Quintet
12:20pm Ross Catterton
1:10pm Natural Satellite
2:00pm Christopher Gold
3:00pm Tae
4:00pm Girl and the Gunn
5:45pm The Belle Weather
7:00pm Bascom Hill

Main Stage – Sunday, July 25

Time slot Artist Name
9:30am Rondini’s Magic & Illusion Show
11:00am Michael Grabner
12:15pm Natural Satellite
1:30pm Erin Krebs
2:45pm Feed the Dog


Thank you to our Soundstage Sponsors

Soundstage Line-Up Programmed by:


Rondini’s Magic & Illusion Show: Saturday and Sunday, 9:30am-10:30am on the soundstage.

Festive Balloons: Free balloon animals Saturday and Sunday, from 1:00pm-4:00pm.

Beauty From Ash: Henna tattoos (for a small fee) all day Saturday and Sunday.

Trout Museum of Art: Free printmaking art project all day Saturday and Sunday.


Kids Creative Space: Join local non-profit organizations and create fun art projects including, tissue paper butterflies, watercolor painting, recycled paper flowers, 3-minute self-portraits, and more!

Thank you sponsors!



The winner of Miller Electric’s raffle of over $4,000 worth of welding supplies has been claimed! Congratulations to the winner.
Ticket number: 181671

Sculpture Welding with Nate Hatch
Co-sponsored by Miller Electric and Sculpture Valley

Watch Nate Hatch weld a sculpture live with cutting-edge welding technology. See first hand how large-scale public art is made. Art at the Park visitors and families can try welding for themselves at Miller Electric’s pop-up welding center.

Steamroll Printmaking with Tyla Hilfreich
Co-sponsored by Miron Construction

Watch as artist Tyla Heilfrich creates GIANT prints using ink, paper, and a steamroller! Art at the Park visitors and families can try their hand a printmaking using stamps, foam sheets, and paint.


Find soda and beer selections by Fox Cities favorites, Stone Arch and McFleshman’s Brewing Co., in our Beer and Beverage area!

Then, head to one of the many food trucks and vendors in the Food Court, or surrounding the park.

Alpha Dogs | Corner of Franklin & Union St
Kona Ice | Corner of Drew & North St
On The Fritz Concessions | Corner of Drew & Franklin St
Osorio’s Latin Fusion | Corner of Drew & Franklin St
Mai’s Deli | Main Food Court
Freshly Squeezed | Main Food Court
Inferno Subs | Corner of North & Union St
Aunty’s Cafe | Main Food Court
Vincent’s Smokehouse | Corner of Union & Franklin St
Zoua’s Fresh Egg Rolls | Corner of Union & Franklin St
All Star Catering | Main Food Court
Fox Pop | Main Food Court
The Nutman Company | Main Food Court
Fox Valley Kettlecorn | Main Food Court
Red’s Roasted Sweet Corn | Main Food Court


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