Dear Members, Donors, and Friends,

2020 was an extraordinary year, and we would like to THANK YOU for supporting the Trout Museum of Art. We are grateful for everything you do to help the arts in our community. COVID-19 and the deeply-felt social and racial injustice movements shined a bright light on the importance of solid organizational values and curatorial and governance practices that support our mission through diversity, valuing our team, and supporting our community. It has been a time when non-profits across the country discovered that “actions speak louder than words,” and that the government can be here to help organizations in need.

At the Trout Museum of Art, we found out what we were made of and what we could become with vision and hard work. Like many non-profits, we learned to live with less and how to be innovative and scrappy. We embraced zoom and created exhibitions and programming online. We felt the pain of temporarily letting staff go and the joy of welcoming them back.

We doubled down on staying true to our mission and embracing our vision of Energizing the LOVE of ART by creating a new fundraiser and exhibition called Made to Order. Made to Order brought community members and artists together to create commissioned artworks and a fantastic show. It gave artists work during a stressful time and brought commissioners joy, new friends, and original artwork they love.

We couldn’t have made it through 2020 without you. A heartfelt THANK YOU for believing in us and what art can do to lift a community.

Gratefully Yours,

Christina S. Turner
Executive Director

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To inspire and connect all people through creative experiences and the visual arts.

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Energizing the LOVE of ART

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TMA Values

We reflect these values in our exhibitions, education programs, and events with the goal of embracing a leadership role for creativity in our community.

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We passionately believe that art opens minds and changes people’s lives each ­­and every day. 

Artwork: Mel Kolstad

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We embrace differences and find strength in our creativity and connectedness. We make the greatest impact when a full range of voices are represented.

Artwork: SPOOKY BOOBS Collective

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We form faithful relationships with our community and believe that art is at the center of what it means to be alive and an empathetic person.

Artwork: Rene Lalique

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Focused on Art during COVID-19
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Art and artists create impact and add value to our community. TMA closed from March 14-June 5, 2020 due to COVID-19, nearly 3 months. During that time, we learned to curate online exhibitions. Now everyone can see our virtual shows as a regular component of our programming.

Artwork: Ginnie Cappaert, Made to Order

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Art education is critical to creating a creative economy in the Fox Cities.
 During the early days of the pandemic, we canceled classes. Later, art educators taught online or in-person with reduced classes sizes while following CDC protocols. Parents and kids were thrilled to have safe in-person options.

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We bring people together to help them feel connected to art and to each other. For much of 2020, the pandemic prevented us from hosting our normal events. But, we found ways to be together outdoors, online, or in smaller masked gatherings.

Statistics 2020
Top TMA Statistics 2020

In-person and new virtual.

Artworks Exhibited
Artists Exhibited
New Members

COVID-19 caused a drop in membership.

Events Hosted
Artists in Art at the Park online marketplace

In-person Art at the Park canceled

Classes, Workshops, and Camps offered

In-person and new virtual.

23 canceled due to COVID-19.

Engaged artists, community members, and students

Due to COVID-19, engagement levels dropped by tens of thousands.

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A Closer Look at 2020

Education Center

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Artist in Residence

We revitalized offices on the 5th floor to be new Artist in Residence studios! TMA welcomed our first two AIR artists, Cristian Andersson and Tyla Hilfreich (on exhibit now!).

Made possible by
Reinhardt and Lois Sabee and the Donovan Families Fund.

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Classes, Camps & Workshops

In the summer of 2020, we offered classes like Lifecasting, Fashion Design, Clay & Sculpture, Weaving & Fiber Art, Art Play for Toddlers, and Drawing & Painting.

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TMA Educators

Over 20 local artists work at TMA as art educators for our classes, camps, and community engagement events.

These artists bring a variety of expertise to our programming and create a fun, engaging environment.

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Free Programs

SPARK! monthly classes serve adults with memory loss. ArtWorks, serves at-risk youth with the Outagamie County Youth & Family Services.

Made possible by Bemis and
Community Foundation for the
Fox Valley Region.
Thank you to Acoca Coffee.

Top Exhibits

In 2020, TMA exhibitions were made possible by the Frank C. Shattuck Community Fund and the Sandra & Monroe Trout Art Exhibitions Endowment Fund, both within the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region.

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How the Grinch Stole Christmas

2020 began with a family-favorite: over 150 animation cels from the beloved Christmas special, original Dr. Seuss sketches, and animation stations from the collection of Bill Heeter and Kristi Correa.

Image is not available
This is Christmas

Original concept art, sketches, and works from Disney’s Tim Burton’s the Nightmare Before Christmas from the collection of Bill Heeter and Kristi Correa.

Image is not available
40th Annual SECURA Fine Arts Exhibition

Northeast Wisconsin’s top competitive, juried fine arts exhibition featuring work from Wisconsin’s most talented artists. In 2020, this show was extended following our reopening on June 6 from COVID-19.

Artwork: Ryan Klassa

Image is not available
Made to Order

Artwork commissioned by local art-lovers and created by WI artists. Proceeds from commissions supported the museum and the artists during COVID-19.

Co-Hosted by Bergstrom Automotive and Community First Credit Union

Artwork: Nikki Johnson

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Trout Collection

Showcasing works from the collection, visitors explored over 400 years of art history.

The collection was assembled during the past 40 years by Dr. Monroe and Sandra Trout, who gifted it to the Appleton Art Center (nowTMA). Their generosity allows us to have a permanent collection of visual arts in Northeast Wisconsin.

Artwork: Brad Sells

An abstract leandscape painting of a blue sky of green hills. White circles float in the sky.
Art is Her Exhibition Series

Showcasing Female Artists. New in 2020!

2020 marked the 100th anniversary of women's right to vote. The Art is Her exhibition series celebrates women artists and champions their goal of achieving museum presence equal to men. TMA dedicated its atrium to a series of solo exhibitions by women artists. This exhibition series was so important that we are continuing it through 2023.

In 2020 artists, Amy Carani (above), Mel Kolstad, Willow Bayer, and SPOOKY BOOBS were showcased. Several artists planned in 2020 moved into 2021 due to the Museum's COVID-19 closure.

Empowered by Kimberly-Clark Corporation

An abstract leandscape painting of a blue sky of green hills. White circles float in the sky.
An abstract leandscape painting of a blue sky of green hills. White circles float in the sky.
An abstract leandscape painting of a blue sky of green hills. White circles float in the sky.
Seventeen Weeks. Seventeen Artists.

One week at a time, beginning September of 2020, TMA showcased and celebrated the incredible artists who call the Fox Valley home. For 17 weeks, every Tuesday a new exhibit opened. TMA was proud to share local artists and their works for all to enjoy.

Pictured artwork by Irineo & Valerie Medina, Lief Larson, Cristian Andersson

Community Engagement Events

Image is not available
Community Art Projects

TMA participated in the outdoor Chalk the State project, sparking a new program for 2021 titled Community Art Projects with lead sponsor SECURA!

Image is not available
Jazz at the Trout

Curated by jazz legend John Harmon, the Jazz at the Trout annual concert series canceled the second half of its 11th season due to the pandemic.

Sponsors: John & Susan Toussaint, Chuck & Barb Merry, and Donald & Janet Turner, and Heid Music

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Made to Order Reception

Fifty guests supported our Made to Order exhibit and fundraiser in Houdini Plaza (Appleton COVID event restrictions) and raised over $140,000 in total revenue for the museum and WI artists.

Co-Hosted by Bergstrom Automotive and Community First Credit Union

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Art at the Park

The 60th anniversary of Art at the Park transitioned into an online event. showcased for free all 150+ artists who we couldn't see in-person at City Park during the pandemic.

Presented by Community First Credit Union

2020 Board of Directors

John Bykowski, retired Secura Insurance
Karen Cain, Coldwell Banker
Lisa Cruz, Red Shoes Inc.
Marissa Downs, Mosaic Ventures
Clint Dusenbery, Secura Insurance
Beth Flaherty, Community Advocate (Past Chair)
Dennis Hietpas, BMO Harris
DeDe Heid, Heid Music (Secretary)
Richard Jelinski, Artist
Holly Kowalski, Kay James Design
Walter Rugland, retired Thrivent
Kristi Schroeder, Kimberly-Clark
Phil Sealy, Artist
Kathi Seifert, Katapult LLC
Rich Thompson, RW Thompson Consulting, LLC
Cathie Tierney, Community First Credit Union
Maria Totzke, Maria Totzke, CPA, LLC (Treasurer)
John Trottier, AZCO
Christina Turner, Trout Museum of Art President
Renee Ulman, Appleton Area School District (Chair)
Shane Vandenberg, Thrivent
Beth Zinsli, Lawrence University

TMA Committee Members 2020

John Stellmacher, retired Thrivent (finance committee)
Mark Behnke, Behnke Enterprises (facilities committee)

Thank you to our staff and board members who made 2020 work during difficult times.

Full Time Staff
Ashley Acker
Dan Beckwith
Marci Hoffman
Meg O’Brien
Shawn Thiel
Christina Turner
Ann Weuve

Part Time Staff
Elizabeth Currier
Christy Fine
Logan Lamers
Bob Salm
Gayle Schultz

2020 Donors
Thank you for supporting art and creativity in our community.

Community First Credit Union
Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region
WI Department of Administration, Cultural Organization Grant
Dr. Monroe and Sandra Trout / Trout Family Foundation

Bergstrom Corporation
Reinhardt and Lois Sabee and the Donovan Families Fund
Roger and Lynn Van Vreede

Kimberly-Clark Corporation
Kathi Seifert
Donald and Janet Turner

Azco, Inc.
Great Northern Corporation
Hartwig Family Foundation
Mielke Family Foundation, Inc
Angelo and Jennifer Ninivaggi
Christina Turner
Dan Van Daalwyk and Jose Morales

Todd and Hilary Armstrong
Jen Bennett
Christopher and Kristen Bergstrom
Jose and Ruth Buss
John and Rose Bykowski / John Bykowski Family Fund
Plexus Corp.
Ryan and Marissa Downs
Eli Lilly US Matching Grants
Dan and Elizabeth Flaherty
Tod Galloway
Tim Galloway and Siv Lindgren
Ken and Amy Hansen
Maria Harland
Todd and Dede Heid
John and Morgan Hogerty
Sharon Hulce
Paul and Wendy Janu
Amanda Jenkins
William and Dorian Jordan
Bill Shepard and Shannon Kennedy
Paul and Brenda Klister
Alex and Holly Kowalski
Catherine Larsen
Abe and Ann Liebeskind
Boyd and Susanne Lumsden
Augusta M. Quaintance
Michael and Stephanie Vrabec Family Fund
Paul Kraus and Leila Mousai
Oliver Pierce Smith
Walter and Amelia Rugland
Carla Salmon
Salmon Foundation Fund for the Trout Museum of Art
Phil and Faith Sealy
Charles B Siekman
Catherine Tierney
U.S. Venture/Schmidt Family Foundation, Inc.
Nate and Holly Van Zeeland
Dennis and Karen Wojahn

William D. Becher
John Becker
Mark Behnke
Blackbaud Giving Fund
Martin Bonneson
Anastasia Burkham
Matthew and Kristie Butler
Gary and Amy Cebulski
John and Cathy Davis
Curt and Melissa Detjen
Doug and Carla Salmon Foundation
Tim and Joan Flaherty
Judson and Mary Beth Fowler
Sierra Hartfield
Heid Music Family Charitable Fund
Marci Hoffman
Kelly and Richard Hoyer
Richard Jelinski
Ben and Lyssa King
Joanne Kolodzik
Melissa Kolstad
Mike and Jackie Lingg
Stephanie Long
Ken and Rebecca Melchert
Debra Michiels and Ken Pearson
Karen Molitor
Carolyn and Wayne Nankervis
Roxanne Neilson
Patricia Pierce
Erik Ray
Jeff and Jone Riester
Dave and Kim Ritzow
Greta Rogers
Andrew and Lindsey Rossmeissl
Sandberg Charitable Giving Fund
Jim and Mary Jo Scandin
Aiko Schatz
Kristi Schroeder
Gayle Schultz
Jon and Becky Stellmacher
Dar Stumpf
James and Maria Totzke
Chad and Renee Ulman
Clay Veldt
Sue Verzal
Margaret and Dan Voissem
Alex and Jennifer Zenzick

Up to $199
Lawrence Abler
Ashley Acker
Craig Akey
Jim Albers
Mikayla Albrecht
Lizzy Auth
Karen Bachhuber
Steven Backman
Kim Bates
Dan Beckwith
Chris Behrens
Barbara Best
Jan Bigalke
Jenny Binsfeld
Bruce Biselx
Megan Bissing-Olson
Eloise Blair
Cathy Blohowiak
Karla Blumreich
Linda Boldt
Patricia Boldt
Austin Boncher
Barb Boren
Barbara Boudry
Kenneth Bozeman
Sam Brown
Bob and Bonnie Buchanan
Sylvia and Guy Bull
Richard Calder
Laurie Cesar
Susan Conzelman
Michael Crook
Delta Kappa Gamma Omicron Chapter
Richard Dodge
Joe Drusch
Carol Emmons
Leota Ester
Marietta Ethier
Lori Fahrenholz
Frederick Gaines
Patrick and Amy Galloway
Robert Geisel
Barbara Germiat
Pat Gill
Jay Gottleib
Allen Grasley
Julie Gundlach
Steven Gundlach
Carol Haack
Karla Hammond
Patricia Hetland
Susan Hibbs
Dennis and Mel Hietpas
Jean Hiller
Katy Holdredge
Diane Hotynski
Lloyd Hughes
Sandra Hupfer
Diana Janssen
Michelle Johnson
Joseph Kalies
Murissa Katz
Annette Knapstein
Eric Knutson
David Krueger
Joyce Laedtke
Pattee LaFountain
Terry Laib
Joe Lamers
Logan Lamers
Karen Laws
Bambi Lint
Dennis Luebke
David Magruder
Mike Maguire
Makaroff Youth Ballet
Patricia Mapes
Marcia McCaulley
Grace McCray
McFadden Family Charitable Fund
Elle McGee
Joan Meeder
Carol Mertens
Joseph Michaelchuck
Nancy Moder
Mary Mollon
Bernice Murray
Mary Murray
Network For Good
Howard Niblock
Leah Nolte
Bruce Nufer
Meg O’Brien
Sarah O’Brien
Heidi O’Brien
Francis Peacock
Peter Peters
Jillian Phelps
Lisa Piikkila
Kaitlyn Powers
Tom Prosser
Red Shoes PR, Inc.
Rebecca Reitz
Kevin Renwick
Jack Rhodes
Rick Roble
Jane Roisum
Christine Romberg
Pat Rosenak
Bob Salm
Dale Schaber
Stephanie Schmidt
Brady Schmidt
Beth Schnorr
Nancy Secen
Natalie Shikoski
Kevin and Angela Staner
CL Stellmacher
Shirley Strange
Norman Tebo
Shawn Thiel
Ron and Karen Toshner
Beverly Underwood
United Way of Metropolitan Chicago
Jeff Van Brunt
Lance Van Dyke
Thomas Vandeloo
Cory VandenBush
Esther Wang
Delmer Watson
Robert and Kathryn Wedge
Kevin Welch
Mary Ann Wepfer
David and Anne-Marie Werner
Lori Weuve
Ann Weuve
Cecilia Wiltzius
Judith Winzenz
Women’s Tuesday Club
Richard Wright
Steven Yeomans
Barbara Zalewski
Gail Zierler
Mary Zovnic

Thank you to our donors. We apologize for any omissions or misspellings. Please email so we can make any necessary corrections.


In 2020, TMA revenue dropped by over $600,000 from a record high in 2019 of $1,256,032.
To meet the challenges of COVID-19, we dropped expenses to match our new income.
Through the hard work of our staff and board, we ended 2020 with a positive net income.
We are proud of this accomplishment during a challenging time.

Net Income: $16,269

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Thank You for the Kind Words

This was only our second visit . . . The building itself is beautiful. The exhibits are always changing and well displayed. We are looking forward to using our membership for more shows!

Maren on Facebook

Small local museum that is worth a visit.

Darla on Google

"I appreciate your offering the classes virtually until the pandemic subsides. It was a great opportunity to do art while cooped up inside for months."


Thank you to all our members!

Benefactor Level

Imran Andrabi
Hilary Armstrong
Todd Armstrong
Robin Auth
Lizzy Auth
Becky Bartoszek
Brian Bartoszek
Laura Beck
Dianne Bergstrom
Natalie Bergstrom
Tim Bergstrom
John Bergstrom
Angela Bleck
Amber Blomberg
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Bill Bohn
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Rachel Hart
Rob Hart
Shirley Hart
Wilderness Hart
Sierra Hartfield
Kathleen Hartzhein
Liz Harvey
Megan Harvey
Caryssa Hendricks
Brianna Heraly
Jessica Hermes
Erica Hess
Barry Hess
Michelle Highley
Leslie Hildebrandt
Joshua J. Hoffman
Marci Hoffman
Linda Holets
Jenny Holtebeck
Rebecca Holtien
Betsy Holtz
Mike Houdek
Allison Huber
David Huber
Benjamin Huerta
Brandy Huerta
Debbie Huff
Sandra Hupfer
Mark Ibach
Carli Ihde
Craig Inglis
Shannon Inglis
John Jackson
Jaime Jackson
Emily Jacobs
Rick Jacobsen
Jane Jacobson
David Jahns
Jean Janssen
Diana Janssen
Emily Jenkins
Amanda Jenkins
David Johannes
Nick Johnsen
Riley Johnson
Jerry Johnson
Maureen Johnson
Todd Johnson
Nikisha Johnson
Phil Johnson
Sandra Johnson
Michael Johnson
Josh Johnson
Dorian Jordan
William Jordan
Abbigail Kandler
Erik Kandler
Heather Kandler
Reece Kandler
Heidi Kanieski
Mike Kanieski
Peter Katz
Julia Kaufman
Karl Kaufman
Marian Kaufman
Brady Keepers
Peter Kelly
Kelly & Richard Hoyer
Shannon Kennedy
Sarah Kersh
Lyssa King
Autumn Kirkland
Kristopher Kirkland
Corinne Klein
Kenny Klinger
April Knights
Kay Kobussen
Joanne P. Kolodzik
Melissa Kolstad
Gilbert Koula
Dana Koutnik
Alex Kowalski
Annika Kowalski
Holly Kowalski
Isaac Kowalski
Christopher Kozlovsky
Nicole Kozlovsky
Deidre Kozlowski
Stacey Kraus
Keith Kremer
Stacey Kremer
Ann Krieg
Candace Kriner
Mary Landowski-Plzak
Thomas Langkammer
Catherine Larsen
Leif Larson
Donna Larson
George Larson
Jon Last
Jayne Latreille
Barbara Lauer
Dorthea (Dottie) LeClair
Nathan Leduc
Keith Lenaburg
Adam Levin
Abe Liebeskind
Ann Liebeskind
Renee Lieburn
Joel Lillo
Nancy Lindo-Drusch
Andrew Lindsay
Ruth Lindsay
Anna Lindsay
Elizabeth Lindsay
Honora Lindsay
Meliah Lindsay
Stephen Lindsay
Brandon Long
Roy Lopez
John Lor
Joseph Lord
Emily Ludovic
Boyd Lumsden
Susanne Lumsden
Susie Lutz
Stephanie Lynch
Lynn Mack
Kim Maguire
Mike Maguire
Liz Maltman
Bailey Marasch
Cori Marinan
Sarah Mark
Stephen Martin
Kerri Martin
Theresa Matson
Matt Mauk
Jasmine McCarville
Marcia McCaulley
Rachel McCaulley
Lucas McCormick
Shane McCormick
Stephanie McCormick
Heather Mcdonald
Dan McKenna
Evelyn McKenna
Henry McKenna
Talleri McKenna
Jei McKinney
Rick McKinney
Irineo Medina
Valerie Medina
Abby Meehl
Frances Meek
Barb Merry
Chuck Merry
Thomas Mertens
Carol Mertens
Abby Meston
Ben Mevel
Laura Mick
Doug Middleton
Devon Minor
Karen Molitor
Mike Molitor
Mark Mongin
Sarah Monson
Debra Morningstar
Anatalia Morris
Xavier Morris
Lauren Morris
Amber Mrnak
Janice Mullaney
Joey Mullaney
Liz Mullaney
Tim Mullaney
Sara Mullen-Hornung
Murissa Katz
Rebekah Myers
Ryan Myers
Carolyn Nankervis
Millicent Neff
Douglas Nelson
Howard Niblock
Karen Nielsen
Jason Nienhaus
Melanie Nienhaus
Elyse Niesz
Joel Nimocks
Dawn Nowakowski
Heidi Nurmela
Jeanne Nymoen
Denise O’Neil
Emily O’Neil
Michael Ortman
Jesse Ostrom
Outagamie County Youth & Family Services
Beverly Paffenroth
Joy Paffenroth
Wade Paffenroth
Meggen Paine
Marcia Parker
Tom Parker
Rich Paske
Megan Patel
Jammie Paul
Paul Paulus
Jennifer Perales
Rene Perales
Jay Perlman
Mathew Perlman
Nancy Perlman
Lowell Peterson
Kirsten Pethan
Amy Phelan
Ben Piaskowski
Paul Pisaniello
Haylie Place
Michelle Plass
Angela Polenz
Alice Pollock
Judy Ponce-Mayo
Cynthia Powers
Justine Prink
Kathleen Pritzl
Tom Prosser
Nathan Przybylo
Paula Pyle
Carol Rausch
Joe Rausch
Erik Ray
Rebecca Reitz
Jim Richter
Laurie Richter
Amy Rieder
Dori Rieder
Faith Rieder
John Rieder
Katie Ries
Jeff Riester
Jone Riester
Samantha Ritchie
Greta Rogers
Frances Romero
Melanie Roselaar
Pat Rosenak
Chad Rosin
Sarah Rosin
Emma Ross
Ian Ross
Christine Rueff
Walter Rugland
Josh Russell
Amy Ruston
Bob Salm
Karen Salm
Kathy Salm
Carla Salmon
Sarah Salvia
David Salzwedel
Joseph Santonato
Mary Jo Scandin
Heather Schaefer
Jeffrey Schang
Aiko Schatz
Sara Scheel
Susan Schleisner
Stevie Schmidt
Nancy Schmitz
Angela Schneider
Joshua Schneider
Laura Schneider
Dave Schomisch
Ezra Schoonover
Pat Schoonover
Reid Schoonover
Laura Schrampfer Champeau
Michael schroeder
Kristi Schroeder
David Schuelke
Sarah Schuelke
Jason Schulist
Gayle Schultz
Claudia Schultz
Michael Schumacher
Riley Seib
Jenny Lynn Shampo
Michelle Sharp
Brian Short
Alex Slusarek
Andrew Smiltneek
Oliver Pierce Smith
Robert Smith
Jesus Smith
Ellis Jake Solie
Kent Sommer
Linda Sparks
Bob Spence
Rhonda Spence
Angela Staner
Kevin Staner
Heidi Stein
Nicholas Stein
Brian steinmetz
Megan Steinmetz
Kristine Ann Stephan
Jay Stephany
Jennifer Stephany
Chuck Stertz
Sara Stertz
Carrie Stevens
Ben Stickney
George Stimak
Jean Stubler
Dawn Stueber
Mike Suess
Katy Sunstrom
Dani Taft
Tom Tatlock
Donald Taylor
Mark Te Tai
Barbara Tebo
Dave Tebo
Nancy Tebo
Adrianne Teeters
Brian Teeters
Isaac Teeters
Noah Teeters
Lawrence Teofilo
Mary Terens
TMA Test
Kaelin Thibodeau
Elsa Thiel
Hunter Thiel
Julie Thiel
Todd Thiel
Sherri Thomas
Xavier Thomer
Chantel Tolliver-Grays
Dominick Tolliver-Grays
Maria Totzke
Jessica Tower
Mike Tremel
Andy Trygstad
Christina Turner
Donald Turner
Janet Turner
Chad Ulman
Renee Ulman
Audrey Umnus
Kennedy Umnus
Ann Urbaniak
Barbara Urbrock
William Urbrock
Jennifer Van Schyndel
Michael Vande Voort
Daniel Vandenberg
Sue Vandenberg
Randy Verhasselt
Sara Vertz
Sue Verzal
Dave Vicksta
Mary Ellen Vicksta
Mark Vieaux
Melissa Vigil
Margaret Voissem
Genevieve Voissem
Roman Voronov
Deb Weaver
Susan Webb
Kathryn Wedge
Michelle Weiss
Holly Wells
Jack Wells
Robert Welygan
Terri Werner
Nick West
Ann Whalen
Keith Wilk
Mary Williams
Christine Williams
Todd Williams
Teresa Winter
Joseph Wise
Miki Wise
Dennis Wojahn
Karen Wojahn
Kim Wojszynski
Terri Woodside
Daniel Woolf
Salina Xiong
Mary Zareczny
Jeff Zdrale
Laura Zeit
Kemery Zetzman
Kathy Zitt
Justine Zoglman
Paula Zwicker

Double Level

Allen Abel
Jason Ader
Lisa Ahles
Chloe Albrecht
Alexis Alcazar
Taizan Alford
Gary Allen
Joyce Allen
Izzy Allison
George Alvarez
Karin Alvarez
Bianca Anderla
Lydia Andersen
Brian Anderson
Natashia Anderson
Ed Anderson
Misty Anderson
Bailey Anderson
Amber Anderson
Robert Anderson
Chris Anderson
Selese Anderson
Cristian Andersson
Jenny Anger
Sheahan Ann
Beatrice Antholz
Susan Antonie
Bailey Apfel
Addison Arbaugh
Nicolle Argall
Jennifer Arndt
Alexis Arnold
Lisa Aron
Margie Arpin
Jaime Aryz
Will Ashauer
Lela Astrom
Cindi Auth
Natasha Azad
Karen Bachhuber
Steven Backman
Ann Baer
Bonibet Bahr
Jason Bailin
Steev Baker
Trome Bakken
Levi Balke
Brian Ballweg
Lisa Baltes
Wiiliam Bane
Celia Barnes
Molly Barrett
Kelly Bartelme
John Barth
Kathy Barthel
Claire Barton-Seaver
Valerie Barton-Seaver
Nicole Basler
Jason Bastic
Angela Bauldry
Edward Baumann
Isaac Baumgart
Gary Beams
Zach Beasom
Laurie Beauchamp
John Becker
Nancy Becker-Nagan
Chris Behrens
Robert Bemben
Fernando Benitez Sotelo
Henry Beno
Andrea Benrud
Eric Benthien
Kathleen Benthien
Josh Benti
Tina Berger
John Bergquist
Ryan Berkley
Dianna Berry
Nichole Besyk
Alessandra Betchner
Samuel and Jessica Betlyon
Christopher Betow
Maegan Beyer
Kim Beyers
Doris Bezio
Joseph Biaggio
Neil Bibbins
William Bielec
Caradee Biesterveld
Ellen Biesterveld
Robert Binns
Deon Birschbach
Laura Biskupic
Dawn Blankenheim
Joseph Blasczyk
Bryce Blauert
Joe Blecho
Frank Bloomer
Kathryn Bloomer
Dawn Blount
Kathy Blumenberg
Andrew Bober
Shane Boeder
Lee Boeke-Burke
Jennifer Boggs
Alicia Boknevitz
Rebecca Bollant
Donald Bolton
Jessica Bolton
Lindsey Borchers
Josh Boubion
Elizabeth Bouche
Keith Bouche
Jacob Bowers
Scott Boyd
Laura Bozek
Jared Bradfish
Lily Bradley
Scott Brandt
Jaime Brasch
Crystal Brass
Sarah Braun
Tom Braun
Cindy Brazeau
Christopher Brennan
Liz Brewer
Justin Bricco
Bill Bright
Tyler Brink
James and Marsha Britt
Kelcy Brock
Andrea Bronkar
Janet Brown
Jennifer Brown
Scott Brown
Blanche Brown
Marian Brown
Sam Brown
Jason Brown
Brown County
Adam Bruce
Tim Brull
Timothy Brull
Amy Brunette
William Brusky
Kenneth Buchholz
Anne Buchwald
Tim Buechler
Brooke Buege
Kenneth J. Bultman
Jill Bundy
Robin Burgess
Jamie Burgett
Jason Burgett
Samantha Burgos
Jerad Burk
Stacey Burkhart
Jean Burneske
Kathleen Burns
Sam Busalacchi
Brian Bushaw
Laurie Buske
Jim Butch
Jennifer Butler
Terry Butz
Danielle Calas
Matthew Campbell
Jessica Campbell
Nathan Cao
Elizabeth Carlson
Hank Carlson
Lauren Carpenter
Troy Carpenter
Jesuah Carrasquillo
Quinn Carroll
Karen Cartner
Brad Casale
Alexis Casanova
Owen Casey
Janine Casey
Stephen Casey
Yennifer Catalan
Teresa Champeau
Kristen Chauvette
LindA Cherrier
Katie Chicquette
Jeff Chisholm
Traci Chisholm
Maddie Chitwood
Morgan Christensen
Tim Christensen
Thom Christensen
Ann Christensen
Dan Cibula
Stan cichowski
Ezra Cieslak
John Ciske
Isabella Cisneros
Rebecca Cisneros
Jill Clark
Tim Clark
Brenda Clark
Christine Clemetson
Jane Cleven
Christopher Clough
Donald Clouthier
Kristeen Clouthier
Bill Coady
Connor Coatney
Geoff Codner
Thomas Cody
Robert Coffey
Shelley Collins
Oriel Combs
Dave Compton-Wolff
David Condon
Travis Conklin
Katherine conor
Carley Conrad
Ann Cooksey
Theodore Coombs
Gary and Jasmine Cope
Karen Corbett
Nancy Cornell
Adrian Cornett
Catharine Cory
Randy Cottrell
Kerri Cournoyer
Deb Cox
Tom Cox
Christina Cox
Brianna Craanen
Philip Craig
Eliot Crane
Braylee Crawford
Janet Creapo
Michael Crino
Linda A. Cross
Antone Crowe
Ryley Crowe
Judy Culligan
Sharon Cummings
John Cuomo
Barbara Cuomo
Judith Cusick
Kerry Cwick
Izzi Czarnecki
Drew Czosek
Miranda Daane
Aaron Daane
Derrick Dahl
Diane Dahl
Tom Dahl
Sophia Dahlen
Taylor Dahlen
Kelly Daily
Nathan Daily
Marcia Dalton
Pam Daly
David Damkoehler
Griffin Daniel
Veni Daniels
Thai Dao
Jude Davila
James Davis
Michaela Davis
Steven Davis
Ciara Day
Justine Deal
Kassidy Dehne
Wayne Deitrich
Heather Deleon
Patrick Delorey
Daniele Demory
Sherri Denney
Patricia Derozier
Carolyn Desrosiers
Rosemary Dick
Erin Dickensen
Greg Dickenson
Pete Dignan
Lydia Dildilian
Allison Dirr
Michael Dismer
Josh Dobizl
Judy Docter
Claire Dodge
Jennifer Doede
Dennis Dolan
Jean Dolan
Tony Dolata
Arlen Dombrock
Ian Doro
Jordan Downey
Kathryn Downs
Daniel Drage
Jodi Draheim
Linda Draheim
Reggie Draheim
Michelle Drees
Bruce Dreymiller
Natalie Driscoll
Georgia Dryer
Kim Phung Du
Austin Ducaine
Dori Duchow
Timothy Duchow
Emily Duescher
Dale Duesing
Lynnett Dufeck
Nicole Dunk
Molly Dunlavy
Mark Duquette
rebecca durant
Nick Dvoracek
Sally Ebeling
Dylan Eccles
Sonja Edgerton
Eric Edler
Jeremy Edwards
Riley Edwards
Zac Edwards
Joanne Ehrhardt
Ryan Eick
Elizabeth Eisen
Paul Eisen
John Eisenreich
Ramona Elder
Bay Elliot
Aaron Elliott
Dana Emerson
David Engebretson
Justen Engle
Kate Engle
Steve Englebert
Virginia Englebert
Linda Epley
Michael Erhart
Kayla Erickson
Adam Ewald
Jennifer Ewald
Ben Ewoldt
Myha Ewoldt
John Falecki
Gustavo Fares
Lori Fares
Barbara Faulkner
Cassie Faulks
Pat Fenn
Denise Fenton
Kelly Fenton
Alden Ferguson
Morgan Fessler
Josh Fieles
Cookie Fielkow
Julie Filapek-Polansky
Pat & Dick Filzen
Emily Finch
Peter Findell
Cheyenne Fischer
Drea Fisher
Doug Flaherty
Deidre Flanagan
John Fleckner
Dani Flores
Amy Forrest
Teresa Forsell
Lorilyn Foster
Aaron Frank
Geneva Franzke
Allison Frazier
Jody Fredrick
Melissa Freeman
Ruth Freeman
Teresa Freund
Alan Frey
Izzy Frey
Ashley Fritz
Morgan Frost
Kathleen Fryda
Frances Frye
Rhea Frysinger
Jack Fulcer
Charles Fuller
Grace Fuller
Judith Gain
Vincent Gallatin
Lisa Gammeltoft
Shawn Ganther
John Garcia
Kris Gardener
Shannon Gardner
Grant Gardner
Jill Gardner
Susan Garot
Ivy Garrett
Brittnay Gasper
John Gaul
Calvin Geiger
Lisa Geiger
Matt Gelb
Stacie Gelhar
Caitlin Gelhar
Forrest Genett
Taylor Genke
Roger Gerard
Erika Gergits
Robert Gericke
Greg Gerzmehle
James Gessay
Vivian Gessay
Carolyn Gessner
Harmony Getsfried
Beth Giese
Joshua Giesseman
Evan Gillespie
Agne Girstautaite
Doug Gjerde
Jon Gjerstad
Mike Goes
Pam Goes
Jordan Gonzales
Ashley Goode
Virginia Goral
Steve Gosser
Jason Gost
Viv Goupell
Megan Grade
Tony Grade
Anna Grafwallner
Quill Graham
Ethan Graper
Allen Grasley
Kristen Grasley
Chris Grathen
Lynette Green
John Gremmer
Gary J. Gresl
Gerri Gribi
Thresa Griffin
Christian Grigoleit
Emily Grissman
Sharon Griswold
Karin Grohman
Cari Groppel
Jacob Grosskopf
Jackson Grubbs
Alyssa Gruett
Cathlee Grunwaldt
Andrea Guenther-Pal
Laura Guevara
Paula Gumpert
Nathan Gunderson
Janet Gunderson
Julie Guzman
Chris Hachfeld
Michael Haeft
Jessica Haessly
Lynn Hagee
Emily Haggie
Mary Hague
Teresa Hahn
Tony Hahn
Bailie Hahn
Patricia Haley
Jim Hall
Tom Hall
Lindsey Halvorsen
Ellen Hammen
Karla Hammond
Bill Hammond
Sandy Hammond
Jeremy Hammond
Emma Handschke
Kathleen Hannah
Bill Hans
Sara Hans
Kay Hansen
Keith Hansen
Lori Hansen
Chloe Hansen-Dunn
Gretchen Hantel
Kedren Hardee
Brian Hargreaves
T.J. Harkness
Beverly Harrington
Robert Harrington
Samantha Harris
Linda Hart
Lucy Hartenbach
Michael Hartz
Hilary Haskell
Victoria Hatchler
Alona Havel
Anna Hayes
Greg Heimerl
Alison Heiser
Jim Heiser
Sandra Heiter
Cindy Helfrich
Jaime Helfrich
Tyler Helfrich
Jason Helmer
Melissa Helms
Steve Heminger
Matthew Henderson
Laura Henderson
Cindy Hendren
Geoff Hendren
Helen Hendricks
Ben Hendrickson
Laura Henke
Blaine Henkel
Connie Henkel
Mariah Herber
James Hermans
Kaedyn Hernandez
Karen Hertz-Sumnicht
James Hess
Don Hess
Linda Hess
James Heus
Bill Hickey
Andrea Hicks
Christine Hicks
D J Hilley
Kiandra Hines
Jeff Hitzler
Patti Hitzler
Cassie Hitzman
Tim Hitzman
Donna Hobscheid
Henry Hobscheid
Hal Hody
Mary Ann Hoeppner
David Hoffman
David Hoffmann
Trevor Hoffmann
John Hoft-March
Kathy Hogan
Jaimie Holewinski
Leann Holewinski
Mary Hollstein
Nancy Homburg
Heidi Hopkins
Michael Hopkins
Trudy Horvat
Lanny Howard
Ala Hoxie
Richard Hoyer
Kate Huber
Ryan Huber
Amy Huckins
Karl Huebner
Patricia Hull
Dean Hunt
Shelly Hunt
Travis Hunter
Sadie Hunter
Lindsay Huntsman
Ellen Hussey
Deb Hutchison
Aaron Huttenburg
Joy Huttenburg
Jodi Huycke
Chris Hyska
Gahnia Imran
Maria D Indas Partida
Kim Irvin
Corinne Isble
James Iverson
Jill Iverson
Helene Iverson
Jerry Iverson
Maeve Jackson
Sarah Jacob
Brian Jacobs
Lacie Jacobson
Ellen Jacobson
Aaron Jacobson
Katherine Jacobson
Martha Jacoby
Hicham Jaddoud
Elizabeth Janda
Troy Janda
Ward Jankus
Jamie Jansen
Patricia Jansen
Deanna Jazdzewski
Kathryn Jeffers
Shannon Jelinski
Kelly Jodar
Tim Jodar
Steven Johnson
Chad Johnson
Greycen Johnson
Matt Johnson
Carol Johnson
Eric Johnson
Paige Johnson
Kathy Johnson
Jaimes Johnson
Jason Johnson
Kaliegh Johnson
Ryan Jones
Akhmim Jones
Marissa Joyce
Frank Juarez
Tyler Junior
Kevin Jurgella
Seth Justman
Katelynn Kachelski
Adya Kadambaii
Johnathan Kaiser
Patricia Kaiser
Julie Kaland
Brittney Kaline
Kurt Kananen
Sarah Kane
Annalissa Kania
Aaron Kanitz
Connie Kanitz
Roger Kanitz
Terry Karuhn
Mackenzie Kasper
Robert Kasper
Vincent Kast
DJ Kast
Jenna Kast
Mary Ann Katke
Jan Katz
Dean Kaul
Janet Kaul
Greg Kedrowski
Elizabeth Keller
Brian Keller
Kathryn Keller
Julie Keller
Barbara Kelly
William Kelly
Mary Kennedy
Michael Kerby
Marley Kercher
Evan Ketner
Katrina Keys
Aaron Kieffer
Michael Kieffer
Lauren Kile
Katie Kilsdonk
Parker Kilsdonk
Brandi King
Michael King
Jennifer King
Deborah King
Maya Kingsley
Quinton Kingswan
Tim Kinjerski
Alison Kintigh
Bryan Kleikamp
Rick Klein
Andrea Klosner
Jeff Kluever
Joan Kluever
Rudy Knapp
Tanis Kneevers
Craig Knitt
Douglas Knoerr
Brian Knoke
Mary K. Knox
Sarah Koch
Isaac Koehler
Jessi Koehler
Karl Koenig
Max Koepke
Sara Kohl
Matt Kohlmann
Mark Kohls
Mary Kohrell
Nick Konertz
Carrie Korb
Cecily Korger
Vicki Korger
Todd Kostman
Casey Kotowski
Sierra Kowalski
Jerry Kowalski
Ali Kozlow
Dale Kramer
Jeanne Kramer
John Kramer
Mary Krampien
Jim Krautkramer
Leonard Kreil
Patricia Kreil
Jill Kriese
Kristin Krowiorz
Josh Krueger
Sharon Krull
Michael Krupsky
Susan Krupsky
Shelia Kudrle
Mark Kuechler
Jeffrey Kuehn
Jude Kuenn
Matt Kuester
Albert Kuether
Sara Kuhn
Alexandra Kunath
Chris Kurth
Jennifer Kuske
Mary Kuske
Hayden Kvalheim
Prerna Kvalik
Renee Ladewig-Lathrop
Forrest Ladwig
Paulette Laffin
Steven Lamers
Arthur Lamers
Mary Lamers
Joe Lamers
Kelly Lamers
Rich Lamm
Jackie Lamphere
Theodore Land
Mary Landreth
Jerry Lang
Rich Langel
Annie Larsen
Bailey Larson
Jon Larson
Deanna Larson
Dale Larson
Stephan Larson
Collette Larue
Quaynor Laura
Aubrey Laux
Melissa Laux
Carleen Lawrynk
Humberto Lazaro Santiago
Johnathan Leahy
Kevin Lee
Bridget Lee
Nka Lee
Pa Der Lee
Lynnea Lee
Amanda Lee
Chris Lee
Cathryn Leemon
Allyce Lees
David Legrave
Anna Lehner
David Lehner
Laura Leimer
Joanna Lemay
Rebecca Lemay
Brian Lemke
Ashley Lemmen
Don LeNoble
Barbara Leo
Jose Leon
Morgan Levy
Dale Lewellyn
Meghan Lewis
Kaira Liberto
Lynn Liddle-Drewiske
Sandy Lidster
Samantha Lies
Jackie Lingg
Mike Lingg
Bekka Litt
Nathan Litt
Shawn Littrell
Giuseppe Lo Pristi
Kyle Lobner
Laura Lobner
Kathy Lodes
Aimee Lombard
Jessica Lomena
Drew Long
Annette Look
Linda Loomis
Michael Loomis
Martin Lopez
Adriane Lopez
Laura Lopez
Kameron Lord
Rachel Losselyong
David Lotharius
Holly Lotharius
Jefreid Lotti
Haley Lucas
Tracy Luchetta
Jacob Luecke
David Lueloff
Glen Lunde
John Lutter
Ann Lux
Tanya Lynn
Kimberly Lyon
Keith Lyons
Chris Madder
Maria Maggiolo
Shari Malkowsky
Matthew Malm
Riley Malm
Brad Malwitz
George Manatt
Mary Mancl
Eric Mandel
Jesse Manders
Logan Mangin
Tasha Mann
Jeremy marifke
Jennifer Marin silva
Andrew Marogi
Kathleen Marr
Richard Martens
Stanley Martenson
Theresa Martin
Kris Martin
Pat Martin
Jeff Martin
Dennis Martin
Miguel Martinez
Jessie Martinez
Steve Marx
Chelsey Mas
Robert Mason
Nancy Matelski
Richard Matonich
Emily matson
Layth Mattar
Jackie Matuszak
Jamie Matzke
Marjorie Mau
Terri Maynard
Dan Mayville
Katherine McCabe
Sue McCorkle
Jane McCormick
Kasey McCormick
Debra McDowall
Cynthia Mcfadden
James McGee
Elle McGee
Kenny McGrath
Amanda McGuire
Janet McHugh
Bob McIlraith
David McKenzie
Susan McKinley
Christopher McKinney
Richardson McKinney
Ann McKnight
Joe Mcknight
Tamai Mclean
Jim Mcmillan
Kate McQuillan
Maddie Meely
Jennifer Meetz
Zoe Meidam
Jessica Meinen
Milt Melander
Kameron Melik
Luis Mendoza
Sam Mentel
Patricia Merkes
Anthony Messerschmidt
Stephan Meyers
Joseph Michaelchuck
Lili Mickoleski
Josh Mijal
Sara Mikkelson
Kayla Milano
Amanda Miles
Maggie Miller
Micaela Miller
Chad Miller
Warren Miller
James Miller
Jennifer Miller
Sharon Miller
Jill Millis
Nicholas Millis
Jason Mills
Ean Mincheski
Lauri Miranda
Sarah Mireski
Anne Missling
Tommy Mlodzik
Cheryl Mocadlo
Jason Moede
Ron Moens
Frances Mohr
anthony monroe
Pete Mooney
Nicole Moore
Keller Morrissey
Steve Morton
Dave Moscinski
Jeremy Moser
Peter Mosling
Mitchell Moss
Tori Mourning
Deidre Mueller
Todd Mullen
Alex Mulvey
Chayton Mundell
Keith Murie
Linda Murie
Helen Murphy
Chelsea Murphy
Peggy Murphy
Mary Murray
Robert Museus
Cathy Mutschler
Peter Mutschler
David N Coury
Mitchell Nackers
Lucas Nasberg
Dawn Navin
Deanna Nelson
David Nelson
Gabriel Nelson
Paul Nelson
Tania Nelson
Karen Nelson
Emma Nelson
Philip Nemick
Tammy Nettekoven
Roger Neveau
Laurie Neveau
Julie Newlun
Steve Newlun
Lily Nicklous
Shannon Nicklous
Denice Niebuhr
Scott Nielsen
Dennis Ninmer
Dottie Ninmer
Maxine L. Nobbe
Timothy Noll
Linda Nornberg
Timothy Norton
Heidi Nugent
Dan Nussbaum
Meg O’Brien
Barbara O’Brien
Emily Oakes
Michelle Oakland
Susan Oakley
Christina Oboyle
Sarah OBrien
Diann Odaye
Leonard Odea
Kai Oelke
Mark Ohr
John Okimosh
Juan Olivares
Marina Oliver
Jeanne Oost
Jean Ormson
Cristina Ortiz
Lisa Osborne
Becki Osmus
Jane Osypowski
Karen Ott
Neil Ott
Maren Ott
Tara Ouradnik
Landon Overesch
Jeanna Owens
Miguel Paez
William Page
Doug Pagel
Mark Painter
Josh Pallen
Devon Palmer
Carol Palmquist
John Palmquist
Gail Panske
Jodi Parker
Curtis Parkhurst
Laura Parsons
Gina Passarelli
Ravi Patel
Andrew Paulson
Angela Pawlikowski
Bernadette Pegorsch
Joe Pegorsch
Rhonda Pelk
Betsy Peloquin
Lynn Pennings
Megan Pepin
Abby Perry
David Peterkes
Sara Petermann
Maren Peterson
Jeffrey Peterson
Bailey Peterson
Paula Peterson
Anna Peterson Sanders
Austin Pethan
Mary Pfahning
Mark Pfister
Mark Phelan
Lloyd Phelps
Bronwen Pickett
Alicia Pile
Gerard Pin
Dianne Pin Pecor
Anne Piotrowski
Katelynn Pitt
Alexandria Place
Younhee Plier
Samantha Ploederl
Logan Pluister
Rebecca Poehlman
Lori Poehls
Sylvia Polansky
Drew Pollard
Constance Polley
Mary Polter
Mike Popp
Shannon Porter
Nancy Potter
Keri Pritzl
Chris Proeber
Lynn Proeber
Daniel Propson
Aaron Prunty
Sean Purtee
Thomas Pynenberg
Craig Quandt – Walle
Christian Quello
Jenelle Rabideau
Jessica Radtke
Carrrol Rae
Ashlei Raifsnider
Tricia Raimondi
Mike Randerson
David Rashid
Hilarie Rath
Gregory Rath-Pribyl
Daniel Rauens
Diane Raven
Julie Reade
Walter Reade
Kelynne Reed
Kayla Reed
Michael Reed
Anastasia Reetz
Christine Reeves
Chris Reich
Jamie Reimer
Cheryl Reissmann
Ronald Reissmann
Carol Renning
Brittany Reuss
Sergio Reyes
Chris Reynolds
Donna Reynolds
Melissa Rhode
Chris Ricca
Cassidy Rice
Samantha Richardson
Jason Rickert
Kelly Rieckmann
Robert Riggle
Lexy Riley
Annalise Riley
Ron Rindo
Paige Ritchie
Joseph Ritschl
Joe Rivera
Francisco Rivera Delgado
Jessica Robinson
Renee Roble
Rick Roble
Bethany Rodriguez
Emiliano Rodriguez
Mike Roe
Jerome Rohloff
Karen Rohloff
Wilson Rohrer
Jane Roisum
Sandra Romero
Scott Ronnig
Austin Rose
Oliver Rosebrigg
Cindy Rosenbluh
Lena Rosio
Kristi Rossclausen
David Rosso
Sam Roth
Steve Rotter
Kayla Rouse
Tom Roznowski
Andy Rubin
Nathaniel Rudnick
Eileen Rueden
Laura Ruesch
Molly Ruffing
Emily Rutzinski
Nicholas Ruzek
Lauren Ryan
Jeff Ryan
Timothy Sage
Lawrence Sanders
Robert Sanders
Barry Sanders
Mary Sanders
Terryl Santkuyl
Richard Sauer
Katherine Saunders
Paul Sauvey
Laura Savoie
Larry Sawyer
Glenn Schabes
Delores Schaefer
Michael Scheibe
Jesse Scheide
Marilyn Schenian
John Schewe
Jerred Schmidt
Rodney Schmitt
Miranda Schmitz
Alecia Schmitz
Gary Schmitz
Peggy Schneider
Brenda Schneider
Kendall Schnur
Martha Schoen
Stacie Schoen
Caitlan Schoen
Aidan Schoff
Jeremy Scholz
Linda Schrage
Thomas Schrauth
Erin Schreiber
Neil Schroeder
Molly Schuessler
Ryan Schuessler
Scott Schuh
Lauren Schultz
Mark Schwahn
Jon Schwantes
Angel Schwechler
Martha Schwer
Jacob Schwochert
Rebecca Schwoegler
Chris Scott
Valentina Scott
Wilson C. Scribner
David Sebora
Ashley Seidl
Steven Seitz
Scan Selle
Jon Semenuk
Lauren Semivan
Jon Seymour
Sheri Seymour
Hannah Shankey
Stephanie Shantz
Ronald Sharko
Jeanne Shaw
Natalie Shikoski
Sid Short
Kate Short-Meyerson
Ben Shortess
Teague Shoup
P.J. Shultz
Greg Sidoff
Bryan Siebers
Jennette Siebers
Mary Siegler
Melanie Sikowski
Mary Silver
Heather Simington
Kriste Simmons
Thom Singleton
Ben Sirmans
Tia Sirmans
Rebecca Sirna
Jonathan Sitzman
Susan Skiles
Magdalena Skorupa
Dan Slater
Hayli Slater
Autumn Smet
Ashley Smet
H James Smet
Jesus G. Smith
Jan Smith
Maxwell Smith
Jamie & Elizabeth Smith
Todd Smits
Lee Snodgrass
Brad Soderlund
Diane Sohr
Taegh Sokhey
Ricardo Solis
Nicole Soni
Jillian Sonnenberg
Sarah Sopiarz
Sid Sorensen
Laura Sorenson
Pat Sorenson
Madelyne Sosa
Tulia Sosa
Charly Sparks
Mckenna Sperberg
Terrance Spice
Melanie Spiegelberg
Jim Spitzer
Sara Spoerl
George Spoerl
Taylor Spoerl
John Sprawka
Devin Sprehn
Patty Sprenger
Wesley Staedt
Steven Stanger
Kate Stanley
Autumn Starfall
Ilene Starin
Andrew Stawski
James Steanbruecker
Brendon Stefancic
Laurie Steffen
Gerald Steffen
Lauryn Steffes
Anthony Stefka
Megan Stehula
Michael Steinhauer
Alex Steinley
Sarah Steinmetz
Sharon Stelter
Kendra Stelzner
Diane Stenback
Martin Stenback
Kelli Stenovitch
Kristel Stephany
Carol Sterken
Haley Stevens
Carrie Stevens-Baumann
Tess Stevenson
Katheryn Stewart
Sheryl Stidham-Gebert
Tahnee Stockhem
Mark Stoeger
Ted Storin
Lisa Storm
Anna Strand
Cathy Stratton
Michael Stratton
Brad Strege
Adam Strick
Tatsiana Stsepanenka
Ashley Stuck
Alicia Stueber
Lee Stuyvenberg
Dan Suda
Alex Sukowaty
James Sullivan
Steven Sumnicht
Jeanine Supanich
Kathleen Swanson
Becky Swanson
Andrew Swaw
Emily Swetlik
Miles Swiecichowski
Lynn Swiertz
Nitali Tagger
Lucy Tamayo
Kelda Tangen
Tatsiana and Aliaksandr Stsepanenka
Christine Taylor
Claire Taylor
Morgan Taylor
Candi Teachman
Kay Tellock
Jason Terbest
Marisa Thao
Tony Thede
Isaiah Thern
Autumn Thiel
Nate Thiel
Andy Thielke
Jordan Thomas
Alison Thomas
Jay Thomley
Erick Thompsen
Michelle Thompsen
Cathy Thompson
Michael Thompson
Clayton Thornber
Diane Thornbery
Thomas Thorne
Elizabeth Thornton
John Thorpe
Alyse Thresher
Michele Thresher
Kyle Thurow
Posy Thurow
Holly Thurow-Riahi
Sherri Thyes
Connor Tignor
Denise Tiller
Tina Timmerman
Janet Tolan
Cathy Toll
Taylor Tomaszewski
Thomas Tomlinson
Madeline Tosic
Ellen Totzke
David Trauger
Rob Trefz
Lawrence Trevarthen
Powell Trotti
Erik Truchinski
Pat Truttmann
Kenneth Tucker
Norma Turk
Elizabeth Uhlenbrauck
Elizabeth Umlauf
Thomas Umlauf
Mary Underhill
Chris Underwood
Dave Urbaniak
Susan Urbaniak
Carter Uslabar
Ken Usterbowsky
Thomas Vachet
Ariana Vaeth
Angelo Van Bogart
Robyn Van Bogart
Rachel Van De Hei
Thijs Van Den Berg
Linda Van Doren
Brittney Van Dyke
Lance Van Dyke
Bill Van Faasen
Mary Van Harpen
Bill Van Lanen
Dan Van Sickle
Elizabeth Van Sickle
Mary Van Stippen
Brigid Vance
Erin Vande Guchte
Marie Vande Hey
Thomas Vandeloo
Seth Vanden Wyngaard
Nathan Vander Bleek
Kristy Vander Heiden
Chris Vander Wielen
Leah Vanderzanden
Leah Vanevenhoven
Kene Vang
Nick Varga
Nancy Vasquez
Manuel Vasquez
Kubra Vassullu
Sarah Venaccio
Catherine Ventura
Dale Ver Voort
Amanda Verbrick
Patricia Verbrick
Joe Verhagen
Grant VerKuilen
Mary Verstegen
Jody Vetter
Daniel Vidaillet
Andrew Vircks
LeAnn Vissers
Sam Vitrano
Luke Voegtline
Ethan Volk
Anne Marie Vollrath
Larry Volz
Sydney Voorhes
Niki Vujaklya
Ethan Wachendorf
Julie Wagner
Flo Walker
Karl Wallick
Kelsie Walling
Christine Walsh
Susan Walter
Thomas Walter
Tiffany Walters
Jennifer Walters
Clay Walton
Derreka Walton
Esther Wang
Andy Ware
Nancy Ware
Rose Wasielewski
Leeann Wasinger
Delmer Watson
Janice Watson
Blair Wautlet
Konrad Weaver
Paul Weber
Makenna Weber
Jared Weber
Dave Weber
Lois Weber
Dave Wegner
Debby Wegner
Justen Wegter
Jim Weiland
Annie Weinstock
Jack Welhouse
Kris Wells
Sarah Wells
Jean Wells
Nathan Wells
Barbara Welsch
Kathleen Wendel
Olivia Wendt
Mackenzie Wendzicki
Jill Werner
Kimberly Wetzel
William Wetzel
Donald Weyer
Amylia Whetstone
Margaret Whirry
Michael White
Lynne Whitehorn
James Whitmore
Ella Whittington
Dawn Wiatrowski
Stephanie Wicherski
David Wicihowski
Kathryn Wicihowski
Lisa Wicka
James Wiegand
John Wiegand
Robert Wilkins
Steve Wille
Scott Willems
Virginia Williams
Alan and Gayle Williams
Catherine Williams
Nick Willis
Courtney Wilmington
Daisy Wilson
Jessica Winans
Tara Winkler
Zeb Winkler
Cherie Wirth
Mark Wise
Brandon Wisneski
Ainsley Wochele
Andrea Wochele
Zach Wolf
Karin Wolf
Blake Wolf
Matt Wolford
Roxi Wolford
Jake Woodford
Emmie Woodford
Jill Wozniak
Eric Wulterkens
Carissa Wyland
Keith Wyland
Lue Xiong
Taylor Yaeger
Dean Young
Tim Young
Karen Young
Ralph Young
Cathy Zaddack
Shady Zaiour
Jennifer Zastrow
Brandy Zehner
Chris Zelzer
Melanie Zens
Shasta Zentz
Lucas Zernicke
Allie ziegert
Pete Zimmer
Dan Zimmerman
Riley Zink
Beth Zinsli
Peter Zipperer
Oliver Zornow
Rebecca Zornow
Dylan Zorteau
Leslie Zuehlke
Michael Zuehlke

Single Level

Larry A
Autumn Ackley
Brianne Ackley
Samual Ackley
Brody Adams
John Adams
Barbara Agness
Anne Ahrens
Jennfier Ainsworth
Ingrid Albrecht
Patricia Algiers
Cheryl D. Allen
Lynda Andersen
Karmen Anderson
Debra Anderson
Mary P Anderson
David Andre
Chuck Andrews
Deb Andrews
Marlene Angevine
Nelson Ann
Amanda Antonson
Pam Aragon
Mary Archbold
Aiyden Augsburger
Kate Bahr
Trevor Baker-Robb
Paul Baldridge
Nathan Baldwin
Patricia Baldwin
Tina Baldwin
Jennifer Ball
Steve Ballard
Curtis Balogh
Linda Banker – Wagner
Jordan Barber
Andrew Barber
Denise Barnack
Kathryn Barry
Janel Bartel
Eric Bartelme
Ian Bartlett
Andrew Bartow
Steven Bauer
Olivia Baum
Kevin Bayer
Willow Bayer
Mary Bayorgeon
Maranda Beadell
Lynn Beardsley
Doris Beck
Melanie Beckman
Sean Bellin
Clarice Belling
Georgia Berceau
Shianne Berger
Barb Berlingame
Jean Bernhardt
Betty Beyer
Jerry Beyer
Anne Biese
Tamra Biese
Faye Binsfeld
Bruce Biselx
Rozalia Bitis
Wendy Bjorlin
Matt Blake
Joanne Blakeley
Erika Block
Chris Blythe
Kathy Bold
Bobbye Bolton
Melanie Bomier
Moley Bons
Barb Boren
Len Borruso
Barbara Boudry
Elizabeth Boveroux
Melissa Boveroux
Bradley Bowton
Bryan Bradley
Dawn Brazil
Debra Brehner
Anne Bremer
Ramona Brendalen
Marc Brink
Adam Brooks
Dawn Brown
Tip Brown
Carol Brown
Jordan Brown
Bob Bruni
Samantha Burkard
Margaret Burkhart
Cristi Burrill
Michael Butler
Marlene Bye
Kianne Campbell
Christina Campbell
Mae Capaldi
Olivia Caravella
Margaret Carroll
Patrick Casey
Alberto Castaneda
Bakary Ceesay
Laurie Cesar
Martha Chamness
Christine Chamness
Paula Charneski
Todd Cherry
Darleen Chipman
Sossina Chirhart
Jana Christian
Jack Christianson
Morgan Churchill
Marissa Clark
Joan Clark
Betsy Clavers
Craig Clifford
Robin Clumpner
Larry Cochard
Carl Cochrane
Jason Coenen
Laura Coleman
Brittany Collins
Ruth Collins
Sigma Colon
Donna Cook
Gabby Cornier
Jason Cortright
Sarah Cottrell
Cyndy Coyne
Ava Cozzi
Beverly Crane
Danny Crisp
Balynda Croy
Tim Culligan
Sage Cummings
Gregg Curry
Bill Dais
Audrey Dalum
Nancy Daniels
Graham Dano
Bruce R. Danz
Kelly Darrah
Kim Daus
Mari Davidson
Jessica Davis
Joanne Delforge
Mary Delforge
Loren Dempster
Jennifer Denetz
Katherine Depas
Kari Devine
Jean Devoll-Donaldson
Michael W. Dewitt
Michel Deyoung
Dante Dishaw
Samuel Dong
Cathy Donker
Paula Dorsey
Patrick Doughty
Miriam Douglass
Jeff Drake
Kathryn Dreifuerst
Jane Driessen
Judy Drum
Judy Drumm
Julie Drury
Olivia Duffy
Lisa Durocher
Katherine Ebensperger
Lori Eccles
Judith Eckert
Toni Edge
Isabel Edmonds
Austin Edmondson
Jenni Eickelberg
Lydia Eickert
Laurel Eihusen
Thomas Einberger
Erin eisch
Fran Elliott
Katie Ellisen-Doe
John Emenecker
Pat Emery
Carol Emmons
James Enderle
Gordon Engel
Chad Entringer
Shae Erlandson
Kathy Euclide
Marc Evans
Fred Ewald
Jayne Ewald
Barbara Farnum
Lisa Farnum
Jill Feather Wolf
Jill Featherwolf
Tabitha Feest
Laura Feller
Timothy Femal
Mark Ferguson
Julie Ferring
Amanda Fink
Angela Fisher
Marlene Fisher Gensler
Denise Fitzgerald
Eddi Flores
Perla Flowers
Kevin Foote
Amanda Forrest
Casey Fortman
Carrie Foster
Andrew Fraser
Kathy Frater
Kempton Freeman
Beverly French
Alicia Frieders
Desiree Fritsch
Erin Fuhrmann
Karen Fuller
Cassandra Gagnon
Tyler Gajewski
Carol Gallino
Lindsay Gallino
Molly Galloway
Katherine Galoff
Anna Ganser
Pamela Garman
Scott Garrow
Jane Garton
Isabel Garvey
Lucy Gentry
Debra Gerard
Sarah Gerrity
Jessica Gessay
Kelly Gilbert
Lynn Gilchrist
Caroline Gilderson – Duwe
Jeanette Gile
Linda Glass
Jim Goos
Mary Gordon
Jackson Gostas
Tom Grade
Brenden Grahm
Doris Grajkowski
Doug Grant
Scott Grasse
Alyshia Greene
Renee Greenlee
Samuel Gremmer
Michael Griffith
Ginger Gunderson
Dane Hagens
Jennifer Hagens
William Haig
Sara Hajos
Charlotte Hall
Barbara Handy
Mitchell Hanke
Gary Hanks
Ty Hardel
Zach Harnon
Eric Harper
Jean Harper
Lorrie Harrington
Naomi Harris
Daniel Harris
Brian Harrison
Julie Hawkins-Tyriver
Ella Hayat
Leslie Hayes
Bettianne Hearn
Kendra Heckmann
Alex Hein
Katherine C. Helein
Peggy Heller
James Heminger
Dick Henderson
Mitchell Henry
Natali Herrera Pacheco
Brien Hess
Yin Hessefort
Patricia Hetland
Curt Heuer
Laura Hill
Danielle Hille
Alex Hodge
Dean Hoegger
Cindy Hoeper
Laura Hoepfner
Dan Holbrook
Nancy Holm
Elizabeth Holz
Hannah Horst
Lori Howard-Boardman
Sally Hudson
Jennifer Huebner
Djuanna Hugdahl
Dianne Humphrey
Hunter Huntley
Sandy Hunziker
Ryan Huss
Kent Hutchison
Katharine Jackson
Tyler Jacobs
Carol Jacobs
Allie Jacobsen
Julie Jacobson
Stephanie James
Carol Jansen
Dave Jansen
Sandra Jaramillo
Randy Jawor
Boni Jensen
Brenda Jensen
Julie Jilek
Thelma Jimenez-Anglada
Ben Jochman
Jillian Jochman
Chloe Jochman
Christine Johanski
Shania Johnson
Laura Johnson
Barbara Joswick
Jennifer Juneau
Curtis Juudd
Brenda Kaczorowski
Patricia Kadlec
Kristine Kamrath
Chris Karas
Michelle Karbon
Sean Keepers
Mary Keepers
Jane Keller
Keara Kelly
Donna Kennedy
Deborah Kern
Judi Kiar
Cheryl Kiesow
David Kiesow
Karissa Kilishek
Jail Kilyk
Morgan Kirchenwitz
Amber Kirk
Taylor Kirsch
Mary Kleefisch Klasen
Emma Klein
Kathy Kleman
Bethany Klim
May Klisch
Elizabeth Knapinski
Kyle Knoke
Eric Knutson
Cheri Koller
Shanna Koltz
Allison Koopman
Joe Kortenhof
Catherine Kosin
Cole Kostelny
Patricia Kottke
Thomas Kottke
Sarah Kraft
Jenni Krahenbuhl
Gavin Krause
Nancy Kreilick
Sharon Kristoff
Rose Kunesh
Debbie Kupinsky
Rhys Kuzdas
Jennifer Lace
Tammy Ladwig
Joyce Laedtke
Jamie Lafreniere
Terry Laib
Kim Lamberies
Logan Lamers
Barbara Lange
Carmen Langenback
Brandon Langer
Kyle Larscheid
Barbara Laux
David Lazowski
Tina Leden
Karen J. Lee
Deb Lee
Lynne Lenius
Christian Leon
Carole LeRoy
Susan Lesnau
Erik Leveille
Julie Levenhagen
Noah Levin
Marianne Levin
Ruth Levin
Maureen Lewandowski
Nora Lewis
Brittany Lewis
Carey Lheureux
Josh Liebgold
Daniel E. Liedtke
Buratte Linda
David Lindow
Ellie Lindow
Luis Lipps
Matthew Litherland
Bob Lotter
Diane Lovegren
Terry Loveland
Sandra Lubow
Elyse lucas
Dawn Lucier
Ryan Lucier
Sara Ludeman
Mary Ellen Luke
Joe Maas
Mary MacNeil
Gregory Madson
Tom Maggio
Barbara Mahoney
Ruth Ann Mahony
Mary Mares
Linda Margiotta
Matt Markhim
Nancy Marks
Judith Martin
Joe Martin
Sheryl Martinez
Meredith Mason
Sue Matheson
Rebecca Matonich
Alex Mattos
Anna Matz
Courtney Maye
Hunter Mayer
Jane Anne McCabe
Molly McCarty
Leslie McClain
Becky McClone
Oz McCune
Liz McDonald
Tammy McFaul-Kritz
Pat McGrane
Carla McKerchie
Mary Meany
Jethro Medina
Rebecca Melchert
Nan Metzger
Jacob Miaczynski
Amy Michaels
Blake Michener
Vicki Middleton
Cindy Milhaupt
Shannon Miller
Mieke Miller
Alana Miron
Charles Mitchell
Miranda Moeller
Steven Mofle
Yvonne Monfils
Monica Moore
Amy Moorefield
Bruce Moran
Patricia Morlock
Nick Morrissey
Geri Morrissey
Michelle Mueller
Joan Mueller
Sam Mueller
Ingrid Mueller
Laura Muinde
Becky Mulvey
Kathy Murphy
Patricia M. Murphy
Michelle Murphy
Patrick Murray
Adam Muth
Samuel Myers
Donna Nehrbass
David Neitzke – Pizarro
Kayln Nelson
Lisa Nett
Todd Neuenschwander
Charlotte Nicholes
Barbara Nichols
James Nieboer
Austin Noak
Hailey Noboa
Sandi Noel
Lillian Nolan
Nancy Nonweiler
Heidi O’Brien
Marybeth O’Neil
Thomas Oberweiser
Shannon Obrien
Sandra Ochs
Heather Oetzel
Katherine Olson
Evan Oreschnick
Jim Orourke
Eric Orozco
Laura Oshea
Breah Ostertag
Debora Otteson
Pam Otto
Jim Pable
Jacob Pare
Ruth Park
Hayley Pauls
Sophia Pawlisch
Jonie Paye
matthew pearce
Charles Pegorsch
Lea Peot
Pailine Peplinski
Jonathan Perez
Barbara Perloff
Howard Perlow
Donna Phillips
Darren Piette
Susan Pike
Jeffrey A. Piron
Mary Piskula
Marie Plamann
Nicole Platkowski
Vanessa Plumly
Steven Polansky
Ian Polebitski
Sheila Porter
Judy Potratz
Colleen Prendergast
Karen Prevost
Latrice Prince
Sandy Prinsen
David Prosser
Anita Purtee
Laura Quinn
Joyce Quirk
Judith Radtke
Miranda Radtke
Frances Radzikowski
Gretchen Rahmlow
Sara Ramaker
Emily Rausch
Mark Reddick
Aaron Redman
Savannah Reeves
Stephan Regenfuss
Irene Reigel
Michael Reinke
Nancy Reinl
Aaron Renier
Helen Renn
Nora Repins
Kathy Resch
Diane Rew
Tim Riley
William Roberts
Mary Robertson
Katie Rock
Bailey Roe
Carol Roe
Barbara Roloff
Melissa Romeis
Laura Rooney
Ariela Rosa
Carolyn Rosenberger
Diane Rottier
Eliel Royster
Meg Ruge
Anne Rumery
Mary Rusch
Suzanne Rusch
Michael Rush
Lenore Ryan
Linda Ryan
Wendy Sanchez
Ellen Savage
Don Schaeffer
John Schaller
Linda Scharine
Sidney Schaub
Lindsay Schmidt
Sandi Schmidt
Mary Schmidt
Dan Schmidt
Pamela Schoenecker
Lily Schoening
Gerald Schrank
Barbara Schreiber
Ivan Schrodt
Jonathan Schueler
Griffith Sellmow
Mike Seybert
Janet Shannon
Eric Shantz
Amy Sheldon
Aaron Sherer
Elizabeth Shinnick
Jacob Shoberg
Audrey Shriner
Marcelo Silva
Caitlin Simonsmeier
Theresa Sipes
Jill Smith
Laurel Soderquist
Lizzie Solie
Lynn Sommers
Wendy Sommers
Jennifer Spady
Wendy Spelfogel
Gale Spilski
Katherine Stanis
David Stank
Elaine Stark
David Starszak
Anne Stecker
Debra Steele
C L Stellmacher
Leo Stenstrom
Jan Stephenson
Judy Stilp
Denise Stoker
Haley Stowell
Alexandra Striepling
Laura Stuart
Kim Stuyvenberg
Faye Talatzko
Ronald Tank
Marlis Tessendorf
Miranda Thiel
Luke Thompson
Whitney Thompson
Linda Thompson
Renee Thompson
Kimberly Thompson
Deb Thorsen
Tracy Timm
Mary Timm
Karen Tipton
Touchmark Retirement Community
Cynthia Trent
Jill Trider
John Trout
Maureen Turenske
Randi Turney
Pat Tweedale
Kristopher Ulrich
Audrey A. Umnus
Lora Vahlsing
Vincent Valay
Aisha Valentin
Leah Valentine
Jeff Van Brunt
Matt Van Den Boomen
Florence Van Geem
Amy Van Rossum
Carrie Van Zeeland
Michelle Vancuyk
Michele Vandekolk
Bethany Vandekolk
Sarah Vandekolk
Holly Vandekolk
Kay Vanden Branden
Brooke VandeVoort
James Vanevenhoven
Mary Vanzeeland
Brittany Vaubel
Phyllis Verhyen
Daniel Vermeulen
Thomas Vollmer
Barbara Wachtendonk
Leslie Walfish
David Wallace
Brian Walsh
Debra Walters
Layna Wang
Patrick Wanish
Casidy Wanke
Martha Z. Ward
Elizabeth Watson
Ellen Watson
Michael Weaver
Dan Wegner
Angela Wei
Lisa weiner
Barb Weir
Donna Weis
Rose Welhouse
Deb Wentz
Carol Wessel
Charles West
Kathy Westover
Charlie Wetzel
Debra White
Andrew Whitmore
George Whitney
Jacob Wiebenga
Karen Wieckert
Sandra Wiegand
Betsy Wijas
Alexandria Wilber
Olivia Will
Caleb Willoughby
Julie Wilson
Andrew Wilson
Cecilia Wiltzius
Jacquelyn Windbigler
Judith A. Winzenz
John Wise
Joan Wisniewski
LaVonne Witzke
Miles Woelfel
Ron Wolfe
Lois Wolfgram
Willy Wong
Gretchen Wood
Jennifer Woodard
Sara Woodford
David Woods
Bill Woodside
Julie Wunderlich
Dean Wydeven
Mac Wyn
Kong Xiong
Tod Zacharias
Anne Zamora
Barb Zankle
Peggy Zarling
Lisa Zeihen
Adam Zertuche
Gail Zierler
John Zobnic
Mary Zovnic

Student Level

Sarah Ashley
Alyssa Behling
Cory Bloomer
Siana Bruce
Marie Burnett
Nick Chrisman
Elena Crino
Brianne Ford
Jaelynn Franken
Alan Garza
Caiden Gault
Anna Marie Gomes
Isaiah Gonzalez
Grace Hanson
Sadie Hennen
Lara Herkenrath
Zemirah Higgins
Cole Hittle
Jane Karweick
Anne Kluka
Amanda Kuba
Ruby Kuchma
Zoe Kurzweil
Ani Landsverk
Chau Le
Chloe Loberg
Ellie Lutterman
Alana Melvin
Reagan Mulvey
Tessa Murphy
Drew Neveu
Marisa Picken
Maelynn Potvin
Sophia Roehrborn
Madalyn Rooyakkers
Braden Scheppler
Grace Stahl
Shelby Stoddard
Raine Summers
Alex Thornhill
Luis Trejo
Charlotte Tremble
Claire Vanden Heubel
Macy Veto
Nina Waech
Harry Waltenberg
Lydia Wheeler
Justin Willikmsan
Joseph Wolf
David Wolf